Monday, November 21, 2011

Good Carbs for Healthy Living

 Healthy/ good carbs have cholesterol- lowering properties and they enhance healthy living. If the good carbs are chosen wisely aid in weight loss by keeping you full.

Good carbs allows resistance starch foods, i.e., food that resist digestion, but benefit glucose level, while keeping us full at the same time.

Adding a small amount of resistant starch to your first meal of the day helps in converting your body into fat-softening mode. These are simply whole wheat breads, potatoes, cereals, oats and even fruits like bananas.

Eating the right combination of carbs is an effective way to stay fit. Food rich in good carbs help :-

-          Reduce the size of fat cells, particularly you  in your belly.
-          Keep blood sugar levels in check.
-          Aid in boosting muscle mass.
-          Helps lowering the cholesterol levels.
-          Helps dealing with cravings effectively.

Use good carbs in your diet if you are looking for a permanent weight management solution, rather than short term weight loss.

Word of advice- Even if the food is extremely healthy, you will still gain weight if you eat it in excess.


  1. Nice post! keep sharing more cool stuff dear! I enjoy reading your blog!
    Happy blogging :)

  2. Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement... :)



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