Friday, November 18, 2011

Hair Accessories : Gift to your beautiful Hair

“Let us dance in the Sun
wearing wild flowers in our hair” ~ Susan Polis 

Gurls are by far the most passionately conscious and fond of fashion accessories. Both small and big girls love to compliment their hair styles or even a normal, casual look with their hair styles with attractive and trendy hair accessories.
Hair accessories for girls are widely available in different shapes, styles & sizes for hair management and enhancement.
No wonder that today we often have difficulty in choosing the right hair accessories (thanks to day-to-day new accessory designers ) for the use to party, formal event or to the office etc …
So here are few handy tips
1)      Go for Comfort – by choosing accessories which are gentle on your hair and suits you style. Avoid accessories which are rough and tight for your hair and pull your tresses
2)      Always pick your accessories which compliment your hair style and suits your looks
3)      Party ho ya office- choose your hair accessories according to the occasion. E.g. for a formal party-wear, choose exotic hair accessories like jeweled clips, feathers and beads
4)      Jaisa desh waisa besh (I know its too tacky, but thts me cheesy at times) – wear western type hair accessories with the western outfit and Indian type (traditional stone back clips etc.) with Indian outfits. However, there are some neutral accessories like hair pins, crunches/ clutchers, hair clips, ponytail holders which go well with all dresses.
5)      Seasons to match with-  do you know this, hair accessories differ for each season. For example , hair bands are ideal to hold the hair away from the neck and face in the summer heat. Hair bands are really handy in summers.

Even colour choice for hair accessories changes with the weather, dark colours in winthers and soft light colours in summer

My view – simple hair accessories enhance your beauty and are more admired by the people around. 
Be trendy chic and enjoy dressing your hair with the latest hair accessories. If you like the post, please share your views and let me know more tips on this if you have any. Share and smile





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