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Just for those beautiful eyes - Tips on Eyelashes

Most women try hard to get long, thick and full eyelashes. Taking care of eyelashes and maintaining them should be a routine. Long, thick and curling eyelashes beautifully enhance women's eyes and make their faces more striking. Some fortunate women have beautiful eyelashes and many of us crave for them. Which woman doesn’t want to flaunt fluttering eyelashes that make many men fall for it? Here are some tips for you to get gorgeous eyelashes naturally.

Eyelash Curler:- 

Some women have to admit that they cannot be without having to the hand a eyelash curler. This magic machine that allows our eyelashes not to appear as arrows, turning them in a few minutes very curl. The certain thing is that some women are born with straight, other with the eyelashes down, and others, with a few spectacular and curved eyelashes that are the envy of all.The eyelash curler uses very much, so much in the natural makeup as in by night. Among other things, there helps that our eyes look more opened.

The most common on the market are those who have pressure on all the eyelashes and are practical to use: The curler be placed near the roots of the top eyelashes; Assure that all the eyelashes, including those of the corners should be inside the curler.

Olive Oil/Castor Oil:-

You can apply castor oil or olive oil on your eyelashes to make it beautiful and long. Apply it with a clean mascara brush on your eyelashes. Make sure the oil doesn’t get inside your eyes. If the oil gets in your eyes, then rinse your eyes thoroughly with water. Keep the oil overnight and wash it off in the morning with an oily eye makeup remover. Removing it is very necessary as it may attract dirt and will spoil the effect. Applying castor oil or olive oil ensures beautiful thick lashes and it makes it black too.


Add a coat of vaseline to your eyelashes every night before bed. This will strengthen your lashes. If your eyelashes are naturally dark, you can also apply a very small amount of vaseline or clear lip gloss to your eyelashes in lieu of mascara, or as a base for your mascara. This makes them shiny and thick.

Make-up Remover:-

The long and thick eyelashes are attractive. To achieve this effect; an indispensable condition, remove the makeup carefully every night, because they have the risk that they break. And eliminated for your daily use any waterproof mascara. They`re too difficult to remove and not delicate with the eyelashes.

Trim Your Lashes:-

Although it is a lesser known method, many people vouch on it. Trim your eyelashes but make sure that you trim a very little part of the tip of eyelashes. Cutting it much can harm your eyes and even infect your eyes. Also let a specialist cut it as if you try it yourself the scissors may poke in your eyes and may even leave you blind in some cases.

Cure Dandruff

Dandruff has bad effect not only on hair but on the eyelashes too. Curing dandruff will help grow eyelashes beautiful. However never apply a dandruff shampoo on the eyelashes. Instead try to remove dandruff by keeping the hair clean and using remedial oil on them. Also sometimes stress too make the eyelashes weak. Taking stress not only makes the eyelashes weak but has bad effect on the whole well-being.

Green Tea:-

Natural Home Remedies recommends applying cool, unsweetened green tea to your lashes with a cotton ball to take advantage of green tea's beneficial properties. As with all home remedies for eyelash growth, take care not to get the liquid into your eye, and rinse well with cool water if you do.

Eyelid Massage

Massaging your eyelids gently can increase blood flow and may stimulate growth of lashes, according to Grow Eyelashes. After washing your hands well, use the pads of your fingers to massage along your lids and lash line.

Applying glycerin mixing it with castor oil will make the eyelashes strong, beautiful and long. Apply it at night, leave it overnight and wash off in the morning. Soon you will find yourself with beautiful eyelashes. You can even use egg-whites for making it blacker and beautiful. Beat the egg white and apply it on the lashes in very little amount with the help of a clean mascara brush and wash off in the morning.

Eat Proper Meal

Nothing can beat a balanced diet. Eat a proper meal with vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Take fruit juices, dairy and dairy products. Incorporate green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet and see the magic in few days. Drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out. Sleep for at least eight hours and include some exercise in your daily life. It not only will make your eyelashes gorgeous, it will have an effect on your total well-being.

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  1. nice post girl...i used to apply castor oil for my lashes few yrs matter how careful u r ,it does gets into eyes but if the oil is pure,one need not to panic...

  2. hey thanks ... these are the tips my mom has taught me about, to be frank i just use few of them (bcz I dnt hv sparse eyelashes) i m not much of make-up fan but whatever i knw I will put that over here ... please keep reading and spread the word ... thnk u

  3. btw i'm coming up more product reviews - i might post 2-3 post tomo

  4. I am anyway a tea lover, it has more benefits any day than coffee:)

  5. cool emma and you knw its good drink tea ... but in a limit, excess of everything is bad :)



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