Saturday, November 26, 2011

My View and Review :- Chambor Khol loose powder Blue

I bought this khol because one day I saw my friend using it and frankly for the very first time I saw powder khol, it somehow amused me. So I went straight to the Shoppers’ Stop the very next day and bought it. I bought in blue shade because I wanted this special powder khol of mine to stay with me for a longer period (LOL. Well I’m a black kajal/khol person) as I don’t use different colours on eyes much.

Texture of khol-  It is finely powdered smooth khol.

What it says :- 

Loose Kohl Powder is Chambor's Innovation. It is a loose, ultra fine powder which helps create a mysterious look for eyes.

Ingredients:-  I hope u are able to read the ingredients.

Price :-  Rs 350 for 1.9g comes in a vial type bottle.
              (available in 3 colours black, brown and blue)

My Review:- easy to carry and comes in  an attractive package and bottle.


1)      Not too dramatic
2)      It can be used as a eye-liner as well as eye shadow.
3)      Its enrich in Vitamins like A and E and it doesn’t have any animal ingrediants.
4)      Very smooth and can be used on the water line of the eye.
5)      Doesn’t smudges
6)      Even if it goes inside the eye, it doesn’t hurts (Plus 1 for this one)
7)      Long staying and is water resistant.
8)      Removes easily by cleansing milk or make up remover

Cons :-

1)      Its not that easy to apply (one needs to practice)
2)      It’s quite light. You need to apply 2-3 coats to get actual colour.
3)      Though it stays for long but gets really light in just 2 hours.

Buy it or leave it -  I won’t buy it again … there are lots many to try ;)

Verdict:-  try it, if only you are also amused by loose khol powder. 

Rating: 3.25/5


  1. I wanted to buy it but didnt seeeing the price! can you swatch it?

  2. Hey Manya - i m really i forgot to give swatch i will do it super soon - jus follow up :)



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