Thursday, December 29, 2011

11 Trends of 2011; They should never go out of fashion - I wish

As 31st December is around the corner i.e. the year end, so I thought to jot down my favourite trends of 2011.  2011 wasn’t really a very good year for me but it was eventful and I learnt a lot about life in this year. I’m excitedly looking forward to 2012 as it is most controvertial year and I’ll become a lawyer this year (Phew!!) 

So to end 2011 at good note here are my 11 favourite trends. They might be there in the fashion before 2011 but I’ve seen them growing the most this yr …. So without much talking, here are they 

My 11 favorite trends in 2011

Bronzer- bronze make up gives a whole new look to the face

Scarlet Red/ Fuchsia Pink/ Naturally Nude-  These three colours were at its peak this Year
The Fuchsia pink 

The Scarlet Red

Naturally Nude

oversized tee-shirts- dresses made with oversized tees

Tights/jegging - They are so cool

Cross bags- They look so chic hot and yet so comfortable

Box clutches- Spice of the party - I saw them first at the Trend setting series - THE GOSSIP GIRL

Smokey eyes- life of new look - the eyes oh i mean the smokey eyes

Bright pants – Srishty from style fashion etc  she inspired me for this trend - its gutsy trend and she carries it off fabulously.

Animal prints- No words Its just super hot.

 Feather Earrings- For the girl like me who loves earrings - this is a boon happening

 The kitty cat eyes - The Sharpe edges - so Sexy n so Hot

So what are your favourite trends of 2011 … do write it to me.

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