Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Get a Disco Diva look this New Years- Shimmery Glittery Eyes!

Hey Divas !!!

New Year is around the corner. So all you pretty ladies must have decided your sexiest dress for the cheerful welcome of the most controversial year, 2012. Are you?? So get that Glam Chic look with those beautyful shimmery shiny eyes. 

Things you will need for this look 
  • Eye glitter in Gold, blue, Silver or any other shade you like
  • Brightly colored eye makeup – choose nude, brown, olive, blue purple or whatever you like that suits your complexion and compliments your dress.
  • Mascara in any color you prefer. I stick to black only.
  • Q-tip or glitter applicator
  • Gel that is made to hold glitter on eyes or Vaseline works well too.
First of all Ok-Ok Tips for this Look.
   -Apply foundation and eye makeup primer in that order before the rest of your makeup to ensure long-lasting wear.

·        - Glitter in itself gives you a gaudy look, you should have a mate base makeup.

·         -The make-up and the shimmer just need to be complementary.

·         -Sparkles are messy; they scatter everywhere—including on your dress for the event. Put on your make-up, then your clothes.

·        - Never use the chunky pieces of glitter from a craft store. These have sharp edges which can cut your eye or even other parts of your face. Beauty brands sell glitter specifically made for use on the face and eye area.

Now the Procedure to the most notable look 
  • I’m coming straight to the point, assuming that you have done your base make-up i.e. concealer, foundation and compact. Even the eye Primer- it is very important for long stay make-up. Amd considering the New Year Party time, from 9 pm till 3 am in the morning all you wanna do is party hard, and get sloshed. ;)
  • Get started with the cream shadow. Start from over your eye lid and spread it till your eye brow. It is advised to use a translucent creme eyeshadow. It helps in holding the glitters in place. You can even use Vaseline; it keeps the glitter in place. 
  • Now, apply the coloured eye shadow on the eye lid. The colours could vary from pink, beige and peach. All these colours are near to the skin tone and thus, do not stand out. Gold particles look particularly pretty with warm, earthy colours like brown and olive; silver is flattering in cooler shades like blue and purple, so choose according to your glitter.  
  • Allow the eye shadow to dry completely.

  • After it has dried you can apply the glitter eye shadow with your finger or it is best to use Q-tip or glitter applicator.
  • Spread it evenly above the eyes and make sure you enhance the eye corners.
  • Apply a thin line of kajal on your lower eye lid and highlight the corners of the eyes.
  • Apply black mascara to thicken the eye lids. After it has dried dip your mascara lid into liquid glitter mascara and brush your eye lids once. This will complete your glitter eye make-up for New Year.
  • If you're really keen to make your eyes glitter, put small rhinestones on the outside of your eyes or along the lash line.
So my dear girls, do try this look and let me know how many compliments rushed towards you.

P.S.- The pictures are taken from google images. i dont claim ownership. 


  1. Wow- so pretty! I wish I was talented enough to do that :)

  2. there is no as such talent - its super easy - i just dont feel like posting my pics of eyes lips etc ... otherwise i would have shown u that even a amateur like me can do it perfectly. :)

  3. U r sch a sweetheart dear... i ll try this wenevr i go to sm party or festive seasn...



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