Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miracle Plant : Aleo Vera for Hair

Hey Bubblys!!!

These days due to strong anti-biotics which I was taking regularly because or cold and soem infection I got in this changing weather, I'm suffering from so much hair-fall that it makes me cry and shout. So my mom suggested me some ghar ke nuskhe ( home-made remedies), and said that I should use Aleo Vera.

Who doesn't want all that shiny, healthy, long dandruff free hair. I'm no different.

What are the hair problems in face in day to day life?
  • Dandruff
  • Hair loss
  • Balding
  • Dryness and Roughness
  • Losing sheen 
Aloe vera, when combined with some other natural ingredients can help us solve our hair problems or reduce them. With aloe vera hair fall can be drastically reduced and hair thickness can be maintained. 

A healthy hair should be moist a little bit. Moist hair looks and feels healthy. But in today's changing weather conditions, the moisture is lost fast. Aloe vera helps in retaining the moisture.
 You can make your own Leave-on aleo vera gel by using simple and easy available ingredients for healthy shiny hair.

- In just 1/4th cup of almond oil mix 3/4th cup of fresh aleo vera gel and viola your Leave- on portion  is ready which will keep your hair moisturize. (i will post the DIY pic soon)

Thanks to Dear God, I don't suffer from Dandruff infection that much and that often. But yes once it happened and for me that was horror!!! Aleo Vera came to my rescue :) 

Many dandruff control shampoos and oils contain aloe vera due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. These properties are helpful to prevent your scalp from dandruff infection.The gel-like element in aloe vera, if applied to scalp, restores the pH balance of the scalp.

- By regular application of aloe gel on scalp you can get rid of dandruff. The mixture of fenugreek seeds(soaked methi dana) with aloe gel is much more effective to cure dandruff and condition hair. you can use 1 tea-spoon fenugreek seed soaked in water overnight with half cup of aleo vera gel and then use it as a conditioner ( you can use this conditioner on your scalp as well)

- Pour some amount of aloe vera oil according to your hair in your hand and apply it to your hair. It will help you to be free from dandruff.

- 1 lemon, 1/2 cup of aloe vera gel, and some essential oils can work wonders on an itchy scalp. If you feel you will not be able to prepare this at home. Look for shampoos or hair creams with these ingredients.

Hair Loss

I and I know many girls like me who are suffering with this problem. So here is solution. Choose the shampoo that high content of aleo vera and coconut milk. And hey ladies you can make your shampoo.

-  Make an aloe vera shampoo. When combined with wheat germ oil and coconut milk, aloe vera gel makes a shampoo to promote hair growth. Use the shampoo as often as you wash your hair.

- Combine aloe vera therapies with a balanced low-fat, low-protein diet. Diets high in fat and animal protein cause a number of medical reactions that lead to hair loss.

Dryness and roughness: 

Hair when exposed to pollutants and foreign particles tends to break and fall. Even sun exposure can cause hair loss. An aloe vera conditioner can work wonders with this problem. This gel is soothing and cooling. Therefore it can be used after shampooing or you can use a stabilized aloe vera gel available in the market as a leave on gel.

Losing sheen:

Hair after a particular age tends to lose sheen and becomes dull. Aloe vera can be used to get back that sheen. You can mix aloe vera with any skin care gel (1/2 any gel and 1 aloe vera gel) to give you a sheen that lasts all day and in the process provides nourishment to your hair. Aloe vera is known to be in use for a very long time. It is said that the secret of Cleopatra's beauty was aloe vera.

I hope this post of some use for you, if yes kindly follow up and let your friends know about me n my post.


Caution :- if by any of  the homemade methods your scalps gets to burning or highly itchy  remove immediately.
       many  people have allergy from aloe Vera, so consult your doctor or do a patch test before proceeding if you are not aware


  1. So mny remedies.. jus lov dem.. ur mom hs sm grt nuske really.. cheers to ur mom n u dear. Lov ur blog..

  2. So mny remedies.. jus lov dem.. ur mom hs sm grt nuske really.. cheers to ur mom n u dear. Lov ur blog..



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