Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My view and Review – Himalaya Deep Cleansing milk

Hello ladies!!

Whats happening? It’s so cold outside, and I just had the awesomest Gazzar ka halwa made by mom … yum yum, I can still relish in my mouth. Nevermind, don’t be so jealous. Let’s get back to the point related to this post’s tittle.

In winters it’s really important to take extra care of your skin. With the regular usuage of cleaning toning and moisturizing, according to your skin type, you can achieve healthy glowing skin and especially when you have been going out for parties etc., like these days then you must be applying a lot of makeup. Cleaning makeup before going off to sleep is very important I know there are many makeup removers available in the market and no denials to this point, even I use them. But when your skin requires extra pampering indulge yourself into healthy chemical free products. Cleansing milk plays important role in CTM. 

I don’t use cleansing milk daily but twice in a week I do that. So I bought this Himalaya Deep Cleansing Milk small pack from Violetbag.com (I know havent been posting any hauls, but I will surely do that in 2012).

Price – Rs 65 for 100 ml (Rs 60 on Violetbag.com)

My Experience

I used it on the days when i’ve been out for long on Delhi roads or in an open area, to remove the dirt deeply from my skin. This product satisfied me and is upto its claim of deep cleansing. It comes in white bottle with the green flip cap. 


Very light, ofcourse white in colour as its milk. Leaves skin moisturised. 


The fragrance is very light and soothing.

Direction to Use

Apply in a circular motion on the face and neck. Wipe off with a moist cotton pad. Rinse with water and pat dry.

It has extracts of cucumber and soapnut (reetha)
Cucumber, Sukasa helps keep the facial skin soft. It has healing and soothing effect on the damaged skin and exerts a natural sunscreen effect. It acts as a toner and lightens the facial skin.
Soapnut-tree, Arishta has a mild detergent activity and it cleanses the skin of oily secretion.


-          It removes makeup and dirt eaily and quite effectively.
-          It removes long stay makeup – like lipsticks and water resistant khol eyeliner in one or max 2 swipes.
-          Its neither too thick nor too thin too run away
-          I have a normal to dry skin, once I’m done cleaning with this product. I rinse my face with water, and it leaves my skin supple and glowing
-          A very little amount is required to clean the whole face and neck.
-          Its super cheap and lasts for pretty long.
-          It doesn’t breakout
-          It doesn’t have any strong smell


-          It leaves the gloss sparkles and in the same eyeshadow/liner sparkles
-          Most of the time I have to use facewash after rinsing it
-          It’s a cleanser n not exactly a makeup remover. 

Rating- 4.5/5

Recommendation- Yes I would, as its not heavy on my pocket and does it job pretty well.


  1. Thanks for the review dear. Haven't used this one though, am a big time Himalaya Fan...
    Might try it out soon... :)
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  2. nice review .. does it sting the eye??

  3. @Bhushaveli- make this one your next cleanser

    @riddhi- you should be careful with eyes .. it doesnt stings like my old cleanser (lakme one) but depends upon ur eyes sensitivity it can irritate abiy if alot of it goes inside.



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