Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My View and Review- Lakme Aqua Lip Color In Fig

Hey Pretty Girls,

Today is a kind of day when I just want to snuggle in my blanket, have a cup of tea and read a nice novel. I’m just feeling too cozy and dreamy today, smililar to the Smiran of DDLJ, haila !!!

Today I’m gonna review Lakme Aqua Lip Color – Shade Fig

Well I’m not a make up person as such, but whats harm in adding little colour to our rosy lips and feel pampered at the same time and make- up is my new love .. that reminds me there is an amazing blog by Bhumika of the same name Newlove-makeup.

So coming back to the Review

First of all I’m providing here a snapshot of shades and how to use this lip colour.
The Swatch

My fig shade (oh yeah I’m personalizing it too much) is a lovely one, and I have fallen in love with lip colours only because of it. Its amazing and has a great staying power.  Its great for natural make-up.


-          This is an perfect colour for my lips and can be applied daily

-          Very nice shine and gloss. Staying power of gloss is 45mins to 1 hour.

-          Pretty long staying say 4-5 hours, if your are not going to eat anything in first 2 hours.

-          Packaging is cool – twisted bottle shaped pen.

-          Quite warm fragrance chocolatey types

-          It has a sponge applicator which glides easily

-          It doesn’t dry my lips

-          Easily Available


on my Lips

-          Gloss staying power is short

-          Quantity is really less for the price.

-          Comes in a opaque pen like vessel. So you don’t get to know when its over  
out from pen

-          Though I loved the sponge applicator but while twisting the lip colour pen sometimes the colour gets wasted a lot.

Rating – 3.5/5 (.5 for the shade)

Recommendation – I might buy its shade in Red for party wear but its expensive considering its staying power.

Have you used its other shades … comment here and tell me about it.


  1. Thank you so much pri for the mention..the name is coz makeup is my new love toh 1 year old :p
    Fig is nicee..I quite liked Old Rose..but alas the staying power :(

  2. @Bhumilka - anytime after all we r from same fraternity :) Staying power is really less :(



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