Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My View and Review : Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturizing Makeup Liquid foundation


Back with one more review of the product which I’m using almost daily or you can say whenever I go out. I bought this foundation some 4 months ago but have started using it on the regular basis from past two months only. 

What Revlon Touch and Glow moisturizing make-up Liquid Foundation claims
- It smoothens and moisturizes skin to make you look naturally radiant.
- It is a light to medium coverage foundation that hides minor imperfections.
- It evens out complexion for a soft, dewy glow.
- The light formula doesn't clog pores and can be used everyday.

My View
water based creamy texture

I’ve mixed it with my daily sunscreen. Ratio of 1:3 foundation:sunscreen so that I can use it in the day time and it doesn’t dries out or breaks out my skin. 

Price- Rs 200 for 20ml 

the Swatch


-          It is a water based foundation, it easily spreads on my skin.

-          It gives instant glow to my skin with light daily wera coverage

-          It doesn’t clog pores

-          I cant say that it hides minor imperfections but it does gives soft look and nice base for make up

-          It has a mild fragrance

-          It doesn’t feel greasy

-          Very affordable

-          Easily Available
dewy glow 


-          It gives a very light coverage

-          Doesn’t have any Sunscreen in it

-          Comes in glass bottle – not that sturdy packaging

-          Not long staying power – gives coverage only for 2-3 hours 

All I can say is that it stays to it claims.

Rating- on the scale of 10 I’ll give it 7

Recommendation – I liked the product very much but I still won’t buy again because I want to buy ponds age miracle tinted cream.

So which is your favourite daily wear foundation… leave a comment and let me know how you find this post?


  1. Breathable foundation always provide so-so coverage - such is life :O( But REVLON products are generally nice though. THanks for the awesome review!

  2. i like this product for daily wear, Revlon has expensive range - its cheap durable and upto its claim

  3. thnks for review .. i have used this sometime back ... cant remember when .. it suited nicely ..lets yr skin breathe

  4. I guess the basic lakme foundation gives more coverage than this one,, :) the photoready range is good by Revlon.. :)

    nice review Pri :)

  5. @riddhi- its cool for daily use
    @Namita- Thank u sweety, i hv used lakme bsic foundation tht Rs 99 one but i didnt suit me for daily use :(

  6. Nice review. I love pressed powers too for summer! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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