Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My View and Review:- Vedic Line Under Eye Gel

Hey Sweeties!!

Wassup! You know what this is my final Year going on in law and my final (and last) exams had started (so this was the reason of my being MIA for sometime probably). Exams remind of stress and staying awake all night long, which even hampers the skin and eyes. We happen to get wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles because of this stress- the Horror!!! L So to refrain myself from all such problems, I got my self Vedic line under eye gel, which bought from
Earlier I’ve used garnier eye roll on, which was really nice but still wanted to have a change and wanted to try a new product.

About Vedic Line:- its is quite new in the world of skin care and cosmetics, most of their products are herbal based, and the use natural ingrediants only (good part). They claim to have optimum combination of Ayurvedic wisdom and modern scientific research & that one can enjoy visible healthier skin and hair initially & significant improvement overtime.

About their Under Eye Gel:- The product has a very light fragrance. It is a transparent gel and it comes in tub like container. Its quantity is quite good (65ml) and it can go for months. Its has a very soothing and revatializing effect and it can be used even during the day because it has sunscreen.

Ingredients:- Purified water, Aloe Vera gel, honey, carbomer and Almond oil (as labeled on the container)

Price:-  Rs 140 got it for Rs 126 (from


-        -  Value for money- good quantity.
-        -  Can be used in night as well as during the day as it has SPF.
-        -  All natural ingredients (non- chemical based)
-        -  Has therapeutic effect under the eyes.
-        -   ts in gel form so doesn’t feel oil (no chip- chip)
-        -  Even those little dark circles which I have are totally gone.


-          -Its in a tub container, little inconvenient and unhygenic too
-          -it sometimes stings a bit, but that could actually mean that its working on the damaged area but I still cant take that into a pros
-         - It isnt such a recognized product, though I happened to love it.

My Recommendation:-  I might buy it again but I’m not sure, I still believe in natural care. 

Rating :-  4/5   :):):):)



  1. Hi I am new to your blog, loved your review, I have reviewed their papya gel in my blog, I love vedic line products, they are somehow safe as donot contain parabens and stuff! Joined you :)

  2. Very nice review.......Looking forward for more.......:)

  3. @Manya - hey manaya thanks alot, just let me know your blog i will pacca se follow tht
    @Puja - thanks alot, i will posting many more really soon. keep coming back :)

  4. Nice Review! I love holistic products!!!

    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!

  5. @Suhani - i can't express it in words, how happy i'm after reading your comment. You made my day :)

  6. I recently bought a cocoa butter creme from VL and I am soo loving it!!! And hey Pri-I simply loved the way you have designed your blog-its so different and stylish!! Me following you by GFC :)

  7. @thanks you sweets - n i hope you like the posts too



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