Friday, December 16, 2011

Reduce your Make-up : save environment & pocket money

Hey chicklets !!!

Wassuup! Lately I have become all the more environment friendly and have even realized that doing so has also helped me in saving a lot of money. So lets check out how we can stay beautiful and save environment and do some savings for selves. Very few changes in your day-to-day routine can contribute a a lot to environment.

Buy in Bulk: Buy big size packages of items that you use regularly. A bigger container uses less packaging than two smaller containers. Also you will definitely end up saving a pretty penny as per unit cost of products in bigger containers is lesser. However, make sure you are definitely going to use up the entire product or else the whole saving thingy will be a flopshow.

Support green products: Play a valuable role in the green initiative by opting to buy eco-friendly beauty products. Look out for The Green Seal which indicates that the product has been manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and The Mobius Loop which indicates that the product can be recycled.

Clean and Reuse: The same waste-reducing green living principles can apply to other makeup products as well. Most makeup applicator wedges, for instance, can be cleaned and reused a few times. Or perhaps you could just use your finger to apply the makeup and avoid the applicator altogether. For green living with nail polish, try using a rag made from old clothes to remove the polish and then wash the rag and reuse it.

Avoid Disposable Items: From shaving our legs (or faces for guys) to washing our faces or removing makeup, beauty requires a lot of work and, unfortunately, produces some frequent waste products. To support green living, why not do away with as many of the disposable items as possible? Our beauty routine would be much more in line with green living if we chose non-disposable razors, face cloths, and loofahs. To be more eco-friendly, try to avoid makeup removal pads. Instead use cleanser or makeup remover and a soft cloth. The same goes for daily facial cleansing cloths. Be a green living supporter and use a washable wash cloth instead!

Try out products before buying them: We often buy many makeup items on a whim or just to follow the latest trends. However, sometimes these products don't suit our complexion or overall personality. The result: a drawer crammed with unused makeup items ready for the trash can- a monumental waste. So insist on a trial run with the help of the beauty advisor at the sales counter before making that impulse purchase.

 Whip up beauty treatments at home: The best way to support the green beauty initiative is to make your own special beauty and spa treatments at home. Just make sure that you don't wind up with skin reactions and irritations. Do a little test patch behind your ears (give it 24-48 hrs) and opt for tried and tested recipes. You can find many in my earlier posts.

Reduce the numbers: Work at reducing the overall number of products you use. Buy products with multiple uses such as moisturizer with SPF or a bronzer that doubles up as an eye shadow or a colour tinted moisturizer etc. This will make a dramatic reduction in your regular beauty waste by simply minimising the number of items that you need to dispose off.

Use aluminum free deodorant: Aluminum is widely used in deodorants as it blocks pores and prevents sweating which could potentially lead to health problems as it stops toxins from escaping the body. Use a natural alternative such as a crystal stick with mineral salts or even essential oils at the pulse points to smell beautiful and rid our earth of the hazardous metal deodorant cans.

I hope this post is of some use to you. Let me know your part of contribution to the environment. Stay beautiful and Stay inspired.

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