Thursday, December 29, 2011

A simple DIY- make your own Makeup Remover!!!

Hello girls!!

Today I’m here to tell you one really simple and effective recipe for the makeup remover – specialy the long stay and waterproof makeup remover, for which you don’t even have to spend a fortune.(Am I exaggerating it!! ). Nevermind, instead of buying a very expensive makeup remover you can make it super easily at home.

Things you Need 
things you need

Olive Oil/ Sweet almond oil- 1 tbsp
Water- 1 cup
Baby Shampoo/ no tear shampoo
Storage Container – I’m using Glycerine bottle and roghan badam shirin Bottle

mixing shampoo - mine is herbal shampoo

mixing olive oil

mixing the total product
 Mix all the ingredients very well. You will see froth coming up. Try to pour the mixuter in the container without froth. Use the froth to clean your feet ;). It is totally safe on the face but after removing make up wash your face with your favourite face wash.
used all my waterproof/ long stay makeup
totally clean doesnt leave any residue
I have tried to show you that how well it works – I have used all my waterproof and long stay makeup to show you how well it work. It now greasy, it doesn’t leave any residue and it does it work perfectly.

Final Product

Not at all expensive- Easy to make- effective rather better than my expensive makeup removers.

I hope this post of some Use for you. Let me know your response.



  1. try this recipe too - mix baby oil with equal amounts of rose water ... works best !!!

  2. riddhi i will surely try but i m doubtful about baby oil on face not very advisable one of cousin got acne because of using baby oil on face



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