Saturday, June 16, 2012

A fun day with Indiblogger, Fellow Bloggers and Dove

Hey All!!!

I know I’ve been missing for months altogether from my lovely blog friends and frankly I don’t wish to give the excuses for that. There were some unavoidable circumstances and when those circumstances weren’t there then there was my Laziness!!! (Honestly)
lady bloggers - take a bow !!!
Anoop - one amazing guy !!!
Well well Well- Few days ago I received this mail from Indiblogger werein they invited all female bloggers for the bloggers meet in Delhi. The theme of the meet was Dove hair aware. The best thing about that email was – it was mentioned there that meet was on Sunday (the fun day u see!!) and they were offering us free food (just imagine – who says no to free and amazing food ;) and bestest part – the registration was free (cool – super cool)

Oh yeah, so I received a call from Indiblogger asking me if I can assure my presence and I was like of course why not- I’ll be there and too on time (The time was morning 10:00am – Sunday morning waking up early – feels disturbing yet its amazing )
As soon as I got over with that call I realized how long it has been that I haven’t written anything and I quickly made a head note – “Buckle up lady and start writing again” but I gave myself another excuse by saying “go for this meet – check this one out as Its going to be your first bloggers meet and write about it.”

So, here I’m writing how the meet went and what all I did. - Reached and got myself registered by just simply giving my email –id and whooppeee they welcomed me.
Then we all the pretty bloggers settled down and had bit of intro-convo + 60 seconds of fame, wherein everyblogger was asked to introduce themselves and their blogs. BTW I forgot to tell you something – I hotfooted from home so that I don’t end up missing anything at the meet and in that rush I completely forgot my cameraL. So the pictures displayed in this post are not my property.

After the ice breaking session with other fellow bloggers, Indiblogger fun guy Anoop took over (he was so amusing!!! and a charm on mike) – he made us laugh asked funny questions and even gave us vouchers and hampers …. (I know you feeling little J, isnt it ;) ).

Thereafter,  Saumya, Brand manager- Dove India took over the stage. She introduced
us the brand and its USP – 1/4th moisturizing milk in all their products. She even asked us to write our problems – life problems on the sticky notes they gave us and paste it on the soft board on the stage.
Shivani- stand up comedian

Soon after that came Shivani- stand up comedian, she made all of us laugh. Honestly, she was good but certainly not the best. The best part of the meet was the facebook app which we did and soon after that we got a nice hamper from dove people and that too according to hair needs- a shampoo and a conditioner in beautiful white pouch (totally loved it) in between we were also served with nice tea/coffee and cookies (yum yum).

Thenceforth came Dr. Rohini, Hair and Scalp expert – Dove India. She explained us about hair and the problems our hair face in routine. It was an interactive session, we asked her about our hair problems – reasons behind them and how to solve them – I will surely talk about it in detail in my upcomiong posts, so keep following.
All in all the meet was amazing I had great time wid all the ladies – so pretty, so thoughtful and ofcourse so awesome- U ROCK!!!.
Hands down to all female bloggers -  we are doing a great job

 The Fotoshoot !!!

Once again, thank you Indiblogger and Dove for inviting me to such an amazing meet.

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