Sunday, January 26, 2014

How To Deal With Aunt Flo

We all know "That time of month"is no fun. As women, we can all sympathize with each other and some of us more than others. But complaining and whining about them is no solution. Try not to take it out on others around you, it's not their fault that you feel lousy. Don't let your period bother you so much with every monthly visit.

First of all lets identify the problems we suffer during this period which we refer to as PMS - Bloating, constipation, cramps, mood swings, tender breasts , craving ( yes !! chocolates and ice creams and cakes that u crave endlessly for), sluggish and tired and restless.

I know when PMS time is around we want to reach for that cookie in our kitchen or all the junk cook (comfort food ) that we can find easily around us and lock ourselves in our rooms for next 5 days. I have learned a lot of tricks to deal with the painful cramps over years :-

1) Drink plenty of water
I know its a no brainer and it has been suggested by every other person on this planet for this cure. But do we really follow it. Choose water instead of coca-cola, caffeine or teas. They could actually increase muscle cramps. Water is pure and is good for your body health all around.

2) Take a bath - Focus on feeling better and pamper yourself with a relaxing bath. This can help you ease cramps . To maximize the experience, throw a both bomb or use bath salts like jasmine and lavender or just pour some body wash and chill baby !!!

3) Do Yoga - Although yoga is beneficial for everyday stress and anxiety, it is especially crucial during PMS. Yoga will help you relax and balance your mood. Specific poses helps in giving relief from cramps. You can do Child's pose, Forward bending (sitting and standing), fish pose, triangle pose, cobra pose etc. but if any pose feels uncomfortable, make sure you stop immediately.

4) Take hot water bottle or Heating pads - This is a method which works well when I'm about to go to sleep and can't get settled because of irritating cramps. It helps easing the tension in your muscles and lessen any pain you're feeling.


5) Multivitamins, Iron and Calcium Supplements - If you want to get rid of pain in a safe way, make sure your iron levels, A, B, B6, C, D and E vitamins and calcium etc are in check is a great way to help reduce menstrual related pain. taking these supplements will make drastic change in your pain relief and it will also regularize them as well. 

6) Massage - One of my Favorite techniques to relive menstrual pain is by massage. Messaging your stomach helps relieve menstrual pain! You can do it yourself, or have your sweetheart help you out. Gentle Strokes and circular motions with light pressure on your abdomen area will help relax your muscles and relieve some of the pain and tension you are experiencing.

7) Avoid Junk Food, Have herbal Teas - A big reason to avoid junk at this time of month is, it contains refined carbohydrates and trans fat and salt. They all contribute to water retention. And who wants to go through that when one is already feeling bloated.

There are so many ways to relieve menstrual pain! Periods dont mean your life has to stop. Have you ever trued any of these methods and ways to relieve menstrual pain? Different women suffer in Different ways and have many different ways to relieve the pain, so I'd like to know yours!!!! 


P.S While writing this I was constantly remembering of one the most amazing episodes of F.r.i.e.n.d.s, the one with soap opera party. If you are a F.r.i.e.n.d.s fan, then you know what I'm talking about. ;)


P.P.S Just bring me cupcakes, tell me I’m pretty, and leave me alone. #PMSing, #Moody #Cranky #hungry

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  1. Good advice! So many women ignore PMS, but I feel that to keep oneself sane, we all need to take precautions. These are great advice, and I praise the one about the heating pads. They help so much!
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