Friday, February 28, 2014

My Hair Is My Best Friend

Hi girls,
How are you all doing ??  I know you are rocking the world on your fingers ( hahah !!) Today I've a question for you all, Who is your best friend? ( What a stupid I'm asking here,  but seriously !!! ) You are all ready with your answers,  isn't it !!! But give a deep thought .... yeah!! There you are playing with your Hair .. hai naa !! I often say this, when I'm in deep thoughts I play with my hair.
If my hair aren't feeling good one day ( Bad hair days !!) .. I end up feeling sad too. and I feel like a princess when my tresses are so tamed and look gorgeous. So, I feel My hair is my best friend.

Watch this Video and whatever I just said will make more sense. #DovePlay Song 

How melodious ... isn't it ? And everything said in this song is so true about our hair.

 I love my hair. It is just fine. Slightly Wavy but mainly straight. Normal to dry types... Still Shiny . They act according to the weather. I mostly have good hair days, it doesn't give me hard time. But I still don't experiment much with my hair- now you may ask why ??? Well I have very thin hair - No Volume. (Its Heredity. My Mom has thin hair too )

But after watching this fun video and listening to this lovely song - I have realized how wrong I was. Baalon ki paheli hai, Khelo toh saheli hai ....   We feel so proud when get so so many compliments , because of our beautiful hair. We need To play with our hair much more than we usually do .. To grab many more compliments.
So, what are you waiting for ,.. Go Play with your Beautiful hair .. Let your Hair sing the songs which your soul has to offer.. .. let them play with #DovePlay

Curl them, straighten them .... colour them. Dont be afraid because Dove is here. Leave all your worries to Dove and play as much as you want with you beautiful Tresses.

Do Let me know What you feel about this post .. Do comment and share. Love You all.


  1. Yeah u r rht Prachi... our hairs r evrythin fr us...

  2. Yeah u r rht Prachi... our hairs r evrythin fr us...



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