Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stay Fashion Forward on a Shoestring Budget!!!

Hey Girls,

How are you all? I know you all are doing great and are as fabulous as always!! Positive feelings keep us happy isn't it? Everyone wants to look stunning, classy and stylish all the time. But hey, following all the latest trends can make hole in our pockets and we may also be left all broke by the end of the month. 

I'm a college student and have very limited sources of income. I can't afford high street brands all the time. But hey that shouldn't stop me from looking good and fashionable. So today I'm sharing my ways to stay fashionable and stylish  on a  tight budget.

Know Your Body & Don't Follow all Trends 

Being stylish and having love for fashion is one thing and following all the latest trends is another. A dress which might look great on a super model or a film star may not look that great on me/you. If you're wearing  clothes that aren't really "YOU" it's going to show. So, know your body type and don't follow all the latest trends blindly. It is all about being comfortable in the skin you're in. Use your unique sense of style but don't be afraid to experiment as well. 

Invest in few Classic Pieces 

Invest in few timeless classic key items which fit well. They build the foundation of a wardrobe. A great black/white shirt, black pencil skirt, a beautiful LBD/LRD, a neutral colour blazer, a classic leather jacket, etc. - they are always "en-vogue". So instead of splurging on latest trends, invest in these pieces. Once you have these key pieces, you can change up your look with the help of accessories, and can still look fashionable without breaking the bank.

Buy Non-Branded Jeans

I know this is a weird tip, and many of you might not even agree with me on this. But this one way by which I save a lot of money. I feel it doesn't really matter which brand's jeans you wear. It should be really (with emphasis) comfortable and should fit perfectly. You can buy other clothes from the money you save.

Shop from Flea Markets, Thrift Shops and Garage Sales.

If you are anything like me i.e. one who is always dicey whether a particular look, trend/style will suit her or not, then I must tell you that thrift stores and flea markets are there specially for our kinda people. They are hell cheap and you get ultimate bargains there. They have everything in every style imaginable. I feel these places keep coming out with new collection and variety much earlier than even few high street stores. You have to put a little more work into your shopping experience, but you’ll get great clothes for a whole lot less.

Do Online Shopping

I think in past few years online shopping has gone to new heights altogether. I find it much convenient and easier. Its true that you can get some great bargains online, but one also saves money in other areas, like transport, parking, eating out and of course the most valuable thing- Your time. There are no long queues outside the changing room and you can do it at any time of the day or Night!!! :D 
But other than all these benefits, which I'm sure you are already pretty much aware of, you can use other ways also to save money while shopping online. 
Search for promo codes- they can cut off a good percentage of your total. Checkout FreekaamaalCouponraja and Desidime
Also subscribe for the newsletter from favorite online shop, you'll know when the sales are on. Most of the store even offer a discount on your first purchase if you sign up for their newsletter.

Shop when you Need to

If any of my friends are reading this then I know it sounds really strange coming from me. I'm ... naa I was a compulsive shopper. Don't pick anything just because you like it at that very moment, think twice do you really need it? or will you really wear it? I know such a decision is tough and we cannot always follow it, but one must try in order to achieve (Gyaan mill raha hai ... le lo :P). Impulsive/compulsive shopping can really take a toll on your pocket.Be careful !!!

Stock up on Accessories

Rather than splurging on an expensive dress, invest in necklaces, bangles, scarves and belts. You’ll get tired of that dress sooner or later, whereas accessories will spice up plain items and allow you to create drastically different looking ensembles with the same basic pieces.

Swap with Your Friends 

Your friends and your sisters/cousins will always have something you'd love to wear. Borrowing or swaping your stuff with them can help in enhancing your wardrobe and can help in save money without even having to spend even a single penny.

Last But not the Least - Be Creative 

You don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe for each season if you can't afford it or even if you can!! Save money by being creative with what you have. By mix-matching, layering or doing the simple DIYs and giving a whole new look to your clothes.  It's what really shows style. 

And hey,  most importantly Be confident,and you'll become fabulous automatically. 

I hope these tips/ ways of saving money helped you in your style journey. If you any such tips on saving money or a style tip or two, do share with us by commenting on the post. !!

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