Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tetley Green Tea - Inside wala Snaan, My Take.

You all must have heard about endless benefits of Green Tea, but do you really relish its taste? I find its taste to be slightly bitter or at times no taste at all. Its true that green tea has ridiculously great health benefits as it is power bank of antioxidants.

Tetley Green tea was introduced in 2007-2008 and has grown exponentially over the years.  Recently, tetley re-launched its green tea portfolio and announced its new campaign - Inside Walaah Snaan ( Cleansing from within). During the same event, they also unveiled Kareen Kapoor Khan as their new brand ambassador .

The Aim of Brand Campaign 

‘Inside Walaah Snaan’ is to appeal to the new-age and busy India to cleanse themselves from within with Tetley green. It signifies the goodness of green tea and how its regular intake will help consumers ease their body and take better care of their health.

Why to have Tetley Green Tea?

Green Tea- It enables us to detoxify our bodies. It gives us vitality and more importantly it reduces the risk of cancer.
It has been said over and over again that good green teas are hard to find? Really ???
Not any longer. We have Tetley Green Tea now. Its fresh, pure and moreover, its a trusted brand.
How to Brew Green Tea- The Right way

What I love in It ??

Their range of green teas is truly unbeatable, they have taken green tea to a completely different level. They are available in both tea bag and long leaf variants, but I've tasted tea bags. Other than plain and simple green tea, they are also available in 5 tantalizing and healthy flavors. It completely rejuvenates me and it has soothing aroma. It removes all my tiredness and I really feel cleansed after having it.

Flavors Available - in bag variant

Ginger Mint & Lemon (Personal Favorite)
 Lemon & Honey
Cinnamon and Honey
Aloe Vera
Citrus and Spice (Haven't tasted)
Plain green tea


Tea bags come in a thin cardboard flip box with 10 sachets, each containing one tea bag. Sachets make it easier to carry to your office/college - as hot water is easily available everywhere.

Price - Rs (55- 65)  For a pack of 10 tea bags. (Depending upon which flavor you chose)


I highly recommend this green tea. Its great in aroma, taste and of course for health. Its truly value for money. Have at least 2-3 cups a day. One tip - Have a cup of green tea before going off to sleep- it will increase your metabolism and also you will have a sound sleep.

Rating - 4.5/5 

So have you seen the New ad yet and tried the Tetley Green Tea. Did you like it? Let me know what you think about it in comments below.


P.S- Product was sent by P.R/Brand, reviews are unbiased. Read Disclaimer

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