Monday, March 3, 2014

My View and Review - Garnier Fair Miracle 2-in-1 Fairness Cream

Today I'm reviewing a new fairness cream from Garnier.. This one is making quite some news in the market because of its claim. Well I'm personally not a fan of fairness creams which are mushrooming like anything in the Indian market. I still picked this one because of its claim of keeping  the face clean upto 12 hours, so thought of trying it.

The Claim 

It gives you instant fairness that lasts from morning to evening because it contains Vitamin B3 & Perlite, which is a natural mineral. The talc in it is effective due to its absorption properties. The UV filters are known to protect your skin from skin darkening. This cream gets easily absorbed and gives you fair & clean skin for 12 Hours.

All in all, soft and glowing skin is what the New Garnier Fair Miracle gives to you. You can TOUCH, FEEL & SEE the difference in your skin.
TOUCH velvety soft & smooth skin
FEEL fresh, moisturised & clean skin
SEE instantly fair & glowing skin

List of Ingredients 


Normal tube with screw cap with shades of pink and white. Cute packaging. Easy to carry.

Price - 49 INR - 15 g / 99 INR - 40 g

My Verdict/ Experience

These days this handy cream has become staple in my bag as it gives me clean look for the longest have known. It blends easily on skin and it moisturizes pretty well too. It acts well as the base for make-up. The texture of this cream is smooth and creamy. The fragrance is very similar to other fairness creams and is not overpowering. it doesn't provide any instant fairness but keeps the skin clean for quite long.

Pros - 

It super affordable - Inexpensive
Easily blendable
Normal Moisturizing
keeps skin fresh and clean
Full List of Ingredients is present


No Instant Fairness
Does not contain SPF
Not sure about the 12 hour claim as well

Rating - 3.5/5

Will I buy it again ?
Yes, I will as its very handy and inexpensive.
Take it- If you have oily or normal skin and cooler complexion.
Leave it - if you have very dry skin and warmer skin tone, as it may leave white patches.


  1. Is it still available in d markt prachi...?? I wuld lik to try it in near future... pls reply...

  2. Is it still available in d markt prachi...?? I wuld lik to try it in near future... pls reply...



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