Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OOTD; My OutFit at IndiBlogger Meet

Indiblogger Meets are always fun. We get to meet so many bloggers; who write about so many different genres, all under one roof. I get so inspired in such meets.

My Outfit that day was semi formal and it has the combo of my favorite colours ( Pink and Cobalt Blue)

Warm leggings-  Rajouri market
Shoes- Venus Shoes
Cape - Gk
Pink Top - Incense
Envelop bag - Zovi
Bangles- Kasauli Mall Road
Statement Necklace- Craftsvilla


  1. Are you Model Or Lawyer ? M Confused :P

  2. Oo... quite a fashionista I must say. Bedazzled. Glad to have spotted you thanks to IndiMeet and Twitter, I must say! :D

  3. Cute! :D BTW, you should put a picture of that neck piece too! :D



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