Friday, July 25, 2014

Look and Contents of July Fab Bag

Hello Beauties!!

My Lazy self has finally decided to blog today as my fabulous subscription to FAB BAG is coming to an end this month.
Let's know whether I'll continue with the subscription from next onwards or not, towards the end of this post. For now, lets just concentrate on the July Fab Bag

I received this bag on 21st of July. And it was a Happy-sad feeling while receiving it. Happy because yay it is something for which I wait for patiently, every month. Sad, because as stated above, subscription has to an end.


Beauty In Royal Purple 
The theme bag of this month was this beauty in Royal Purple. It is  decent sized bag with a unisex look, can be used a vanity bag by your Man also. I'm completely in love with first look of the bag.


Now moving further to contents, it had 3 products samples, out of which 2 are full-size and one is much more than just a sample size. And also nice surprise of free Sample of drugstore product. 

1. Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream
2. Votre day Moisturizing Gel with SPF 35
3. Flomar Quartet Eye Shadow
Free Sample - Cell Renew Deep Smoothing Body Lotion.

I just Love my July Fab Bag

Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream- Rs 495/( 50 gms)

And I got a pack of 35 gm. More than decent quantity, isn't it? 
I've heard a lot about the Brand Iraya, never used it though. I will take my considering it is an organic and Ayurvedic based brand. I will write a detailed review about this product by next month ( Stay tuned ;) ) 

Flomar Quartet Eye Shadow - Full size - Rs 750/- 

The shade which I received in my bag is No. 402 which is in pink and browns. I'm liking the shades of this mini pallet as they are very neutral and can be used it routine, without much of drama. If you are anything like, who believes in less is more than these shades are just perfect for you. The combination of browns and pinks can be worn for the perfect Date- Night or Date-day. 

About the brand Flomar-  It is a part of French Cosmetic group, Yves Rochar. It is available in over 70 countries and is also the market leader in Turkey
According to the info card- The eyeshadow has non dusty formula and will last for the whole day. But I''m not keeping my Hopes much high from this product yet I feel the shades will stay for good 4-5 hours ( decent enough?) 

Votre Day Moisturizing Gel with SPF 35 - Full size - Rs 810 for 40 gm

Okay. This is again a full size product and again, I've heard a lot about this particular product from the people around me. They all seem very happy with the results of this one and considering the reputation of the Brand, I wish to feel the same, let's see. 
According to the Info card - It is a best sunscreeen day product for monsoons as it is in Gel form. So. it will keep the skin hydrated and not oily. It is infused with liquorice and bearberry extracts which helps in diminishing the dark spots and makes skin radiant. 
I'm really looking forward to using this one and will surely put a detailed review of the same soon. 

Free sample- 

A good gesture by Fab Bag. It is of Vival Cell Renew Deep Smoothing Body Lotion. It is again a decent sized sample of -40ml, perfect for you to carry in your handbag and keep yourself moisturized even on the go. :D 

All in all I'm highly impressed with my July Fab-bag. My next post will on my 3 months experience with the Fab-Bag. 
Cost of Bag per month - Rs 599
but they have different subscription plans which you can checkout Here 

Now, the Big question, Whether I'll be investing further in this beauty bag subscription or not??
And the answer is BIG YES !!!
 It is amazing, These Fab bags are worth every single penny.

This time I'll be going for 6 months subscription and I promise you girls that I'll post every month about the contents.
 Note To Fab-Bag. Stay Fabulous team, please. I'm relying on you guys.



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