Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Men Grooming Tips, Take Care !!

Hello Beauties,

How are you all doing? Today's post is quite interesting ( at least I feel so). Its a hatke post as its not about ladies or anything related to beauty products of us girls; it is about the men in our life and how carelessly they behave when it comes to their own grooming, hygiene and care.


Men, generally might be particular about too many things but I've seen them compromising a lot when it comes to their skin, most of the time they even end up ignoring pimples, acne and marks.

So, in this post I brought up to you some simple changes and tips which men should adopt for better skin

Use a Shower Gel instead of a Soap Bar - 

Soap bars have alkaline in them which dries out the skin. They make the rough and harsh. Instead, use shower gel or moisturizing shower get for supple moisturized skin

"Say No To bars" specially on Face 

Facial skin is very different from the skin at other bother body parts. It is much more exposed to pollution and harmful Sun.  Use Face wash for more hygiene and clear skin. Try Garnier Oil Clear face wash; it helps in removing excess oil without drying out the skin

My brother has a very sensitive oily skin and in this humid weather he suffers from breakouts every now and then. He started using The Garnier Men Acnofight Face wash and within 2 days of using it he started to feel the difference; his skin was more clearer and he was complaining quite less for oily irritable skin.

Use SunScreen

UVA-UVB rays are dangerous to the skin. Use a sunscreen or sunblock with a minimum of SPF 25 and protect your skin from harmful effects of UV rays. Use sunscreen in all the seasons and dont step out without it.

EXFOLIATE at least twice a week.
Exfoliating the skin is very important as it removes the dirt and dead skin cells. There are loads of body and face scrubs available in the market, choose wisely and according to your skin type and invest in good quality products.

Invest in Good Shaving Kit 
Choose trusted brands when it comes to shaving razors and creams. Do a patch test to know whether the products actually suit you or not otherwise you can end up having a rash on skin (Eww!!)
Shaving irritates the skin, hence, it is very important that you invest in nice, alcohol - free after shave lotion/gel to soothe your skin.

Keep You Skin Moisturized 
 Keep your skin hydrated. Moisturizer for the face and body should be different as face needs that extra care. Use a hydrating moisturizer to keep the harshness and roughness at bay and it will also improve the quality of your skin and will also leave a lasting impression on anyone.

Follow the above tips regularly and yo boy , you will feel the difference in you skin soon
Don't forget to "SayNoToBars" 

If you have more grooming tips for men, do share in the comments below !! Until next time- Chao

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