Sunday, October 19, 2014

DIWALI - My Favorite Festival

Diwali is certainly most popular festival of India. At the time of Diwali everything around looks so neat and clean, so new and beautiful. It is a festival of lights and during the period approaching Diwali, my city, my true love – Delhi, has a different charm altogether. It looks so bride-like, covered with golden lights all around on the moon-less night of Diwali. Diyas, Candles, LED lights etc., everywhere brings about the right amount of blingy charm to the city. And to add on to this delight, the hindu-calender makes it fall in the month of Oct/Nov(My favourite months of the year). So pleasant, so calm, so serene.

Immense Glow. Thanks to bright Diyas 

I’m not a religious person per se, but I do believe in the phrase “Good over Evil” for which this festival is so keenly celebrated. I truly believe the charm of this particular festival, brings us much closer to our family and dear ones. It makes us see good in the people and there is positivity in the air due to the festive mood and preparation. It helps us get rid of the junk, which we might have been collecting for ages (Junk is also an evil, as it clusters the space and doesn’t let the positive aroma stay). It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits the homes of the people (devotees) on the night of the Diwali. (Tabhi toh sab safai main lag jaate hain, lakshmi maiyya ko impress jo karna hai :P). Jokes apart, clean home brings happiness and positivity. So whether I wish to clean my room for the rest of the year; during Diwali time I can’t help but to get rid of the stuff, which is of no use any longer.

I love Diwali particularly for 2 reasons:

I’m a girl and yay I get to shop. :P. Ethnic new clothes, jewellery and hey, hey ... New Shoes :D. I’m already done for with my shopping this year for Diwali yet, you know, it’s never enough.

And second reason being, My friends and family. Most of my friends who stay in the different part of the country, visit their home to celebrate their #GharwaliDiwali. Thus, we get to meet, hangout and make new memories. (I’m missing you guys... come soon). Flowers, bright and colourful lights, sweets and awesome food everywhere ... Everything about this festival is just amazing.
Diwali and Oh So many Gifts :D
Diwali gives us the chance to meet our relatives and friends, whom we haven’t seen for ages. Meet, greet and exchange some lovely gifts. Gifts; who doesn’t love them. I think Diwali is a 5 Day occasion, meant for gifting. Gifts pour from everywhere and each day is a new reason for a new gift. Starting form Dhanteras – When I usually get some jewellery piece from parents and going all the way till 5th Day- BhaiyaDooj; when I just miss the chance to extort money from my dear lil brother: D
For me #GharwaliDiwali means Spending some quality time with my family, eating loads of home-made (mom-made) yummy sweets and chats; she makes brilliant Dahi-Bhalla and Kachori chat ... Oh God!! I’m totally drooling while typing about it. Playing cards and winning the game with my brother, cousins and friends. Decorating the lights around the house with Dad and brother and making some beautiful rangoli with mum .
Beauty of Earthen Lamps- Speechless

So, now you tell me what is your idea of Diwali. How do you celebrate it? Do you always celebrate Diwali at home? If not, do that this year... your family and dear ones always miss you. And hey, don’t forget to watch this emotional short film by PepsiCo; it is suggestive of the fact that how busy we are in our lives that even during Diwali, we don’t get to spend time with our very own family. After watching this film, you will surely feel closer to home.. Don’t feel shy if you shed a tear or two, like I did.

May this Diwali brings happiness and Prosperity in your life and keeps you away from all the evils. 

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Mere Tumhare Sabke Liye hai – HAPPY DIWALI !!

P.S.- Stay Safe. Have a green Diwali. 


  1. i like Bhai Dooj straight after Diwali, because shopping after shopping is my best medicine :D

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