Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How has the Zenfone leaped a 100 years in technological innovation?

All these years Asus had been a top notch hardware and electronics multinational company, but being in the fray of the next generation Android mobile phones, it has taken a quantum lead. Asus Zenfone is the leading innovation on the scene, and this smart line of phones has gained increasing popularity in recent times. One of the factors why this might have happened is the high end functionality.

Many variants of Zenfone come in two different types of the Android operating system- - KitKat and Jelly Bean.
The Intel processor gives end user tremendous advantage to handle multiple tasks. Furthermore, there is functionality for dual SIM as well as HSPA+, providing impressively superb high speed downloads. The camera integrated in Zenfone has enriching features, such as it can quickly capture a maximum of 400 percent extra light without the need for any flash.
The entire Zenfone range from Asus is enticing and worth of every penny. It is just a great value addition in the world of mobile communication. The phone is a great buy indeed and value for your money. You can look around for the latest versions of Zenfone on Flipkart. Know about Zenfone on: Zenfone YouTube video.

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