Friday, November 14, 2014

MBj Presents Taraassh- Collection of Polkis and Sparkling Diamonds

MBj, a leading name in the Indian jewellery space, presented Taraassh, the largest Polki and Diamond show in the region. The four day exhibition sparkled with a stellar cast of polki bridal jewellery from around India, disOpenedplaying a stunning array of the most exquisite jewellery and finely crafted designs by their very own craftsmen.
Polki jewellery has become a must-have in every jewellery lover’s repertoire and today no gifting or wedding is complete without it. Displaying a stunning array of the most exquisite jewellery and finely crafted designs, Taraassh would exhibit over 300 pieces of flawless, impeccable Polkis and diamonds that leave a lasting impression on everyone who beholds them. The collection has been created to appeal to the women of today who epitomizes the balance between tradition and modernity.
Coming around the festive corner, a visit to Taraassh is a must for everyone looking to pick up an heirloom piece, not to mention prospective brides who are looking for trousseau essentials and a connoisseur who appreciates priceless jewels. From bridal jewellery to a very sassy cocktail collection of diamonds the exhibition unfurls the luxury shopping experience for the fashionistas and its discerning clients.
Mr. Mayank Soni, Managing Director, MBJ, on the occasion said- ‘Jewellery shopping is an interesting experience especially amongst young brides. At this exhibition we are majorly showcasing an exquisite polka and diamond collection that is a must have in every bride’s trousseau. The collection comprises of bridal polki sets, marquise shaped diamonds set in gold with rubies and other stones. Through this exhibition we are happy to present to our clients a collection which is very contemporary and elegant in design.’
Established in 1897, The M.B Group of Jewellers has been a symbol of quality and novelty through seven generations. Originally from Kolkata, they are the true torchbearers of the world-renowned jewellery making tradition of Bengal, which is combined with the aesthetics and excellent craftsmanship of their illustrious Rajasthan lineage.
M. B. Group of Jewellers have been one of India’s biggest exporters, whole sellers and retailers, owning 4 trendy showrooms across the 3 cities – Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata, by the name of M.B. Sons (J) and M.B. Jewellers& Sons, specialising in luxury diamonds, royal Polki, Victorian antiques and gold jewellery. Adhering to the highest royal standards of Ratangarh (Churu), MBJ uses the purest quality of gold and jewellery crafting material, creating a range of unmatched, unique and flawless masterpieces. 
Eternal Love for Traditional Gold Jewellery

So If you are a bride-to-be, or if you are going to attend any wedding/cocktail/engagement soon ( here comes the famous wedding season), then pay MBj a visit and I'm 100% sure you will be exhilarated by the beautiful jewellery and unique designs. Every piece will have a spell-casting effect on you. From traditional jewellery to statement to trendy, they cater everything under one roof. 
Bridal Polki Jewellery - Its to Kill for !! 

Their bridal collection made me feel like getting married the very next day ( But Groom is an issue) *wink* *wink*. The designs are unique, integrated, glamorous and phenomenal. In Delhi - their store is located in the prime GK-1 M-Block market. Its a niche store for the pure Polki and Diamond work.

Bridal Diamond Set 
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