Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Fikar when you relocate, Just choose Quikr !!

Bangalore or now known as known as Bengluru, the Garden City is one of the most amazing and coolest city in India. They say (they being my school/college friends and even some relatives, who are living there because of their Jobs in Hi-fi MNCs, as B’lore being the silicon city, is the hub of all great software engineers) for north-Indians living in this city is a task. I’m sure they have their reasons for the same like, language and food issues, traffic jams, difference in culture etc. But still I beg to differ, I visited this city of dreams in the year of 2011 and this place won my heart the moment I landed, thanks to the wonderful cool weather. I stayed in Bangalore for 2 months, all by myself and honestly, that was the time of my life.

I loved everything about this city, even though I’m from Delhi but still B’lore is closer to my heart than Delhi. It is such a cool city with awesome people. It is urban in its own way yet it keeps the traditions alive, thanks to the rich heritage of Karnataka. I call it a Youth city, as most of the people residing there are young but not just by age but even in their ways. I have found that people in Bangalore are more active and lively than I have seen in any other city.

So, when anyone from my family asks me where do I wish to settle in India, my immediate response is – Bangalore. I love the feel of this city. Aww, I just can’t stop thinking about my time that I spent there. Those memories are super close to my heart and I wish to cherish them for life.

Hopefully, I will be moving to B’lore soon and I just cannot wait for that soon to come :P. So, if I do that, I’m going to either reside in Kormangla (that’s where Meghna Biryani is ;) ) or to Jayanagar or to Marathali ( as all my friends/relatives reside there). But foremost requirement for me would be the right apartment and I know for sure to get one the city this big, it isn’t going to be easy, but hey, I have a solution for that as well - Quikr. So, when Quikr is there, I don’t have to do any Fikar. 

Category Options on site 

With such a user friendly website, i.e. Quikr, I can easily find an apartment as per my requirement with much ease. Just Sign-up, choose your city and your locality and VoilĂ !! Now feel free to browse the categories you wish to choose, so in my case that would be real estate. I would want an epic flat, in the locality of my choice. A flat that I can call my home. Even though, I would love to have a property of my own but honestly speaking, I would first find a rented accommodation. The layout of the website is simple and with so many filters and superb search mechanism, finding an accommodation of my choice won’t be a difficult task. It even saves the hideous and expensive task of finding a property dealer/middle-man/broker as well. I can just contact the owner directly. Great isn’t it?

Filters - as per your requirements 
Get Alerts as per your need for free

And once my apartment, my new home would be done, I would love nothing more but a vehicle for myself. In the big city like Bangalore, distances are too much. I believe in public transport more than anything but I strongly feel one needs to have their own vehicle as well so that they need not to depend up on others during the time of emergency. For this also quikr has a quick solution, just the way I chose the flat, I can also choose car/bike/scooter/scooty or even bicycle. Checkout their vehicle section here.

Numerous options 
Customized Filters for different categories!!

Impressed!! Aren’t you? I love this website, it brings buyers and seller closer and you can easily choose the products or other stuff as per your requirement. I would strongly recommend you this website. If you are planning to relocate yourself from one city to another- Quikr will help you save a lot of time, money and exertion.

This post is written for the Indiblogger Happy Hour. But I strongly recommend for anyone who is planning to move to the amazing city-Bangalore, as I would be doing the same pretty soon. It is one of the best classified-site I have ever come across.

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