Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pimple Problems : Panic Personified

As you might know, I’ve a normal with no as such big time issues but every once in a while I get that zit/pimple or whatever you call that monster on the face to ruin my mood and sometimes, even my life. Every girl on this planet will agree with me that even a tiny pimple has the ability to give us sleepless nights. They just tend to appear at the most inopportune times.

Pimple means end of the world !!

Around New Years’ time, I was very excited about a party I planned to attend with my girls, right until I spotted a huge monstrous pimple on my face. With just a day to go for the party, it seemed like my life was at an end. After all, it is no big secret that girls night out meant taking more selfies than humanly possible! My first impulse was to take a deep breath and pop it, overcome only thanks to the “Never pop a pimple” lesson that our mothers beat into us when we grow. Needless to say, it was one lesson I had to learn the hard way, several times, in my adolescent years.

Stop Popping Pimples 

Popping a pimple might make it less noticeable for a while but it isn’t a permanent solution to the plague called pimples. When you squeeze a pimple, you are actually pushing dead skin, oil and bacteria further into the skin, resulting in redness, swelling and possibly scarring. Instead, let the pimple dry out naturally and it calm down naturally but if you are anything like me, totally impatient and if it is causing much irritation then the best thing to do is to rub an ice cube over it which will help in reduction of inflammation or if you want it to dry out ASAP you can try making a paste of Multani mitti( Fuller’s earth) + 2 drops of lemon + crushed neem and leave it on the zit overnight, Pimple will dry up and it will become easier to cover it with right concealer. And if you are too lucky then you might just vanish with no acne marks that too.

What saved me from embarrassment that night was this miracle paste and my concealer yet this is not a long term solution. At that very moment I decided that my skin needs some good care so that I don’t run in to similar situation again as my best friend’s wedding is around the corner and I just cannot afford to have face full of pimples, but you know when you want something to NOT happen, it certainly does happen (Murphy’s law).  So, I was cautious this time and I decided that I should try out the products which swear by reducing the development of pimples on a clear skin and I landed up investing in Garnier Neem face Wash.
Garnier Neem face Wash 

I have always been a fan of Garnier skin care products and this one for sure was no different. Within 3 washes, my face was clear and there was no sign of pimple on it. I will be sharing the detailed review of this product in my next post. But for now I can surely say I’m sticking around with this face wash for a long long time.
After using Garnier Neem Face wash I realized that over all structure of my skin looks improved and it is even smoother than before. It contains Neem and Tea Tree oil; it’s no secret that these 2 active ingredients helps in curbing the pimples.

DIY your own scrub with Garnier Neem Facewash.

Brew some Green-Tea leaves/ tea-bag. Add coin-size amount of facewash in it. You can also add drops of your favorite essential oil. Apply it on damn face just like a regular mask. Leave it for 5 mins and then gently scrub it and wash your face with warm water.

It doesn’t dry out my face and it cleanses it thoroughly. I’m super impressed with product and I’m really happy that Garnier came out with the wonder solution to the painful pimples with innovative face wash like this one. So whenever I get the pimples, I reach out for the simple solution lying on the slab of my washroom in the white squeezy tube.

What are your ways to dealing with pimple/acne? Do leave your comments below.  

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