Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vaadi Herbal Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap Review and Price

After months of hibernation, I can’t wait to free my feet to feel the summer air in those sexy sandals that my momma got me. Summers are almost here and stepping out with a fresh pedicure is such bliss. 

Today, I'm reviewing one of such product which makes pedicure an easier task at home when you don’t have time to spend hours in a parlour/ salon for the same.
Vaadi Herbal Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap. It is basically a herbal soap with ex-foliating properties.
Vaadi Herbals scrub soap
About the Product – A specialized scrub soap, with Almond and Walnut Scrubs, this clears out dead skin cells from your Elbows, Knees & Foot making them softer, cleaner and fairer. Also removes dark spots and pigmentation from affected areas. “Pedicure at Home"

Active Ingredients

Walnut granules
Almonds granules
Aloe Vera gel

Pumice stone with soapy properties. 

It’s an ex foliating soap so its texture is coarse. It comes in solid light grey soap bar, which even looks like a pumice stone at first. This soap doesn't dissolve in water easily, so one soap bar will go on for a pretty good duration, even if it is used on the daily basis.

Price- INR 28 for 75 gm.

Direction to Use

Gently rub the soap on your feet, knees and elbows in slow circular motion. Let the scrub remove the dead cells and dirt. Rinse off with warm water.
For better results soak your feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes before using the soap.

My Experience and Review of the Product

Easy Pedicure with Scrub soap 

I have been using this soap for a week now, though you can use it every day as it has all natural ingredients, yet I choose do it every alternate day because excessive exfoliation causes dryness to the skin.

It’s has a strong soapy smells which doesn't lingers for long. It is an easy to use product as the granules are quite tightly packed and the soap is pretty solid. Soap gives a thick lather and when used with light pressure its scrubs the dead skin and dirt quite gently from the rough edges of feet and elbows, leaving them soft and smooth.

1) Herbal soap with millions of tightly packed granules
2) Smell doesn’t linger
3) Scrubs away dirt and dead skin very well
4) Lives up to its claim
5) Leaves behind soft and soothing skin
6) Super easy to use
7) Soap has a long life

1) Dries out skin
2) Meant only for rough areas – like feet and elbows ( Though not really a con)
3) Full list of ingredients isn't available
Overall, the product is amazing. It’s a superb catch to pamper your feet at a very affordable cost. Just don’t forget to apply thick moisturizer after using the scrub soap for softer, beautiful feet. So, if you are lazy girl like me, who doesn't like to visit parlours and salons and spend a bomb there, it’s the easiest, hassle-free way to treat your feet.

Rating- 4/5

I totally recommend this product. You can buy the same from online websites like Nykaa and Flipkart.

We are coming up with a lot of reviews, beauty tips and other posts super soon. Stay Glued!!

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