Friday, March 13, 2015

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition;- Review and Experience

This is the part 2 of the #HappyHairChallenge that I took with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition. Its been almost 6 weeks since I have been using this range. In this 45 days I have washed my hair with is range approx. 20 times as I don’t wash it on the daily basis. I can see major difference in the texture of my hair since the time I have started using this range.

My Hair feels tamed, silkier and smoother than ever before.

Keep reading as in this post I will give you a full review of this range.

PRICE- This product just like many other of this kind comes in different size and packaging 

              Shampoo- Sachet- 6.5 ml- Rs 3.
                            Travel size- 80 ml, Rs 69
                            Regular size- 175 ml, Rs135
                            Bigger size- 340 ml, Rs 230

           Conditioner- Sachet- 7.7 ml, Rs 4
                               Travel Size- 80 ml, Rs 70
                              Regular size- 175 ml, Rs 135

Packaging, texture and product description are already been discussed in the Part 1 of the post. So, let’s directly move to review. 


The range that I have used was the normal sized one. As shampoo is runny in texture, you end up using more. So my shampoo lasted just around 15 washes. But conditioner on the other hand, is quite thick and creamy; I still have almost 25% of the product still left from my first bottle itself.

Shampoo lathers really nicely, cleansing the scalp well, removing all the buildup and polluted oils while retaining the natural oils. If you are taking deep condition hair oil treatment before the wash then you can even skip the conditioner as the shampoo itself provides deep nutrition to the hair and scalp. I feel my hair is much stronger and shinier than before. As this range definitely tames the frizz, hair ends up looking healthy but still I haven’t seen much difference in hair fall. 

Breakage and dullness has certainly reduced though.

The contributing factor to well tamed, healthier and shinier looking hair goes to conditioner as well. I’m absolutely in love with the conditioner. It leaves the hair soft and well nourished. My hair is quite manageable now and it doesn't tangle easily. Even though the conditioner is quite thick and rich yet it doesn't weigh down my hair.


1)    Easily available at an affordable price
2)    Contains 3 natural oils
3)    Cleanses the scalp easily without drying it.
4)    Removes all sort of buildup
5)    Tames and controls frizzy hair
6)    Shinier/ healthier hair
7)    Conditioner is rich and creamy
8)    It doesn’t weight down my hair
9)    Amazing fragrance which lingers almost till the next wash
10)   No more brittle and dry hair
11)    Split ends are not much noticeable as it seals them well


1)    Not any noticeable difference in hair fall
2)    Shampoo doesn't last long .. mine lasted for just 14 washes

Rating – 4/5

RECOMMENDATION- If you have hair like me, I.e. normal to dry hair then this range will definitely work for you. I have virgin hair, So I cannot comment how well it works on chemically treated hair. I'm really happy that I took this #HappyHairChallenge as this product turn out to be an amazing one. I have already bought bigger shampoo bottle and another regular size conditioner after observing its impressive results.

Have you tried this range yet? Let me know what you feel about the same.

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