Friday, March 6, 2015

#India'sDaughter - Is the Ban Justified?

Country went through hue and cry when BBC brought forward the transmission of a hard-hitting documentary on Nirbhaya Incidence and as a result what government felt right was to ban it. Is that acceptable?

On what basis and why did Government decided to do such an outrageous act. What happened on 16th December, 2012 was a tight slap on the face of government and society. It is a shocking reality and a brutal truth from which you can’t run away. Government who claims to protect people of this country, which as of now I believe includes every female/girl/women. But is it really true? Are women in this country really treated with respect and are given equal opportunity to rise and prove themselves?

Government right now is worried about “India’s Reputation” on the basis of the documentary which states nothing but the truth about the low and narrow mentalities of millions living in Indian Society and representing “Indian Culture”.  Is this really our culture? Such narrow and orthodox thinking, that we even refuse to change with the dynamic environment. My question is why Government is not worried about the rape that happened that day or the rapes that happen every 20 minutes in this so-called developing country. Won’t such outrageous acts bring down the reputation of our country? The rapists are the one who doesn’t value the life and modesty of women, they should be banned and not a documentary.

Rape is not just an inhuman act; it’s also about misogyny that’s pervasive. Government needs to make efforts for speedy justice for this heinous crime rather than banning the documentary.

Government needs to understand its priorities. Keeping a criminal/rapist alive in such a matter for over two and half years in nowhere justified.

I think this is something every person of this country needs to watch. The content in this documentary focused on brutally honest truth and after one point it became almost impossible for me to hold back my tears. Everyone needs to know that running away from this fact, won’t change the truth, we must face it like we see ourselves in mirror. FACE THE REALITY, DON’T BAN IT

And as far as breaking the laws by BBC in this documentary goes, when the parents of the Victim, Jyoti ( Nirbhaya, a girl who fought bravely, but still couldn’t survive)  are not objecting the telecast, then why our Government?

There is a strong need to change our mindsets and then only we can think about true development and real growth in this nation.

Are we ever going to change? Or will our mentality always going to be like that – “A girl is like a flower and she should either be kept at home or in temple”. Do you really believe in such thinking? You think this kind of treatment towards one gender is justified in anyway? Yes, we live in a patriachial society and it takes time to change. But when are we going to take first step towards the change? Or just like the last time, we will read in newspaper about another rape and ignore it and move on?

Collectively, we need to raise our voices towards the evils of this society. Evils which are stopping us to grow, to change our mentality, to develop towards better future and safe environment.

I request you all to spare an hour and watch the documentary, even if you think that it defames India.. Let it be. Don’t stop yourself from expressing the truth and your honest views. Speak up, if not for Nirbhaya, or any other rape then for your own dignity, your own identity.

I’m providing a link of the documentary which is still working, even after the shut down - . Please watch, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Stop being a victim… Raise your voice!!


  1. It has hurt me beyond comprehension. That's the country we live in!

  2. Here are my thoughts:

    Why the government should reconsider its decision to ban the BBC documentary

    BBC claims that India’s Daughter is well within its editorial guidelines. Not to mention that BBC follows the strictest of guidelines and norms for conducting research work for all its productions. So, what is the real problem?

    First, we Indians are a sensitive lot and are not as open and receptive as the people in the West to such controversial material.

    Second, the documentary promos (mainly sections from the convict’s interview) shown on the Indian TV channels looked particularly disturbing as is always the case whenever certain controversial footage is shown out of context. Clearly, the makers were trying to be a bit clever in a bid to create some buzz before the telecast.

    Also, the Indian news channels made the situation worse for the makers. The news channels in our country have a tendency to blow things out of proportion so as to create some sensation in order to boost their TRPs. Our 24/7 news channels often end up stoking fire on delicate issues which ought to be treated with a lot of care and responsibility.

    Instead of banning such films, the government should be more concerned about spreading social awareness among the masses. The gender inequality is the root cause of sexual exploitation. When in our own families our elders give the male child more importance or attention, the seeds for this inequality are sowed there and then.

    The full article can be read here:



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