Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Journey of You and I ... #Together

“You and I were destined to meet.
You and I are blessed to be together.”

“WE” happened when we least expected love to knock on our doors. I guess, that’s the quality of love, it swipes you off your floor and takes to a beautiful paradise.

We met by-chance, I mean so by-chance that even “by-chance” would be amazed at such a happy coincidence. I was invited to an event, for which I was having second thoughts to attend, thanks to my laziness and lethargic attitude at times. My masters got over recently and I just wanted to lie down and relax and enjoy. But my super awesome fellow blogger friends pushed me to attend this event, just so that we can meet and have some fun time. Who knew at that time that I will run into this quirky weirdo and will fall in love with all his wits and humor?

I entered the hall and there he was standing right in front of registration desk, cracking a joke. While I was registering for the event, I eves-dropped on that conversation and couldn’t stop myself from laughing on that silly joke. Later on, I realized he was from the team of organizers; I didn’t give much importance thereafter and went ahead with my friends to have some gala time in that event. Later on to our amazement, he joined us with the beer bottles in his hand on that hot summer afternoon. And I guess, It’s too hard to say no to chilled beer.

This guy who got my eye on him from the very moment I stepped in the even hall is tall, dark, handsome and super witty. To that first joke that I heard on the reception, I still can’t stop laughing/ smiling at. Yes he knows way to a girl’s heart; make her laugh hard, and you have chance to be with her (If she is single :P ). While sharing those chilled beers and having some witty conversation about life, social media and blogging. I saw him noticing me. I guess, even he got his eyes on me and that might be the reason that he came to us with those beer bottles.

Spicy Pani-Puri led us to each other !! 

That silly conversation is an unforgettable memory stamped in our brains for the lifetime because that led us to each other. A harmless conversation about Pani-puri (Our first love) led us to each other. No one could have imagined that Golgappas could be the reason for our first date. We never imagined even in our wildest dream that we will find love like that. That we will be together one day, holding each other with a promise of never letting go no matter how hard this journey will be.

He comes from the southern part or India and I’m a born Punjabi. Some may say that we are making “2 states” in reverse, which honestly I can’t deny.  But just like Krish and Ananya we have fought against all the odds and found our way to each other.

He is my strength. We love, we kiss and yes, we even fight (a lot). We are like Tom and Jerry who can’t live without each other no matter how much they fight. He defines my journey. I never felt so admired and loved as much as I feel with him. He knows the value of appreciation. We share a strong bond of trust.

#Together we are ready for some fun filled adventurous future.                                                              
Cheers to Love! Cheers to us!!  

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