Sunday, March 22, 2015

Keep It Simple Silly !!

What is your ultimate goal in life? What is the that one purpose that you want to get fulfilled with; be it in a job, in a relationship or anything else, everything boils down one basic want; being satisfied. Satisfaction in anything leads up to Happiness. It is something most of us strive for. We work hard, get into a relation, start a family or even go on a vacation so that the end result is we are Happy.

Simple things makes most of us happy. Happiness leads to satisfaction and vice-versa. It is not something which is external but more or less internal.
Something as simple as eating a plate of golgappa brings out huge smile on my face. Waking up in the arms of my love, fills my day with happiness. Losing just a Kg weight makes me do a happy dance and also keeps me motivated.

Even on the worst of my days, if I get a silly compliment from a friend or even a stranger, makes my day blissful. They say- "Money can't buy you happiness". But do we all really follow that. We all dream of bigger house, better job, traveling around the world and staying at ravishing place- ultimately relating everything to money.

Saying and doing are two different things; saying that money is not at all important will be wrong but running after money, thinking that it is the solution to stay happy is also wrong.
So what is the secret to happiness? Well My mantra is "Keep it simple, silly." And it always works.

Sometimes, the best things to do be happy are right outside our door!! Going for a long walk alone or with your significant other while holding each others hand and talking about anything and everything under the sun can make you immensely happy.

Missing your childhood friend who is settled in other town for career or family, why waiting for them to call you first, just pick your phone and dial them. It's always great hearing from your old friends. It can take you back to your beautiful memories together and brings solace amidst the hustling life.

Happiness is easy but in most cases what people do to achieve it is complicated. Try to simplify things and you will end up enjoying the little things more.

Just like on a hot summer day, when I'm running from one meeting to another, in the scorching heat of Delhi, nothing makes me happier than chilled bottle of my favorite drink Coca-Cola. 
And once I'm refreshed, I'm ready to take any challenge, again. So the conclusion is happier we are, we can focus more and achieve things we have always inspired for. After all happy people attract positivity, which attracts success.

So if you are looking for the ways that can make you happy, look within you and around your surroundings there are million silly little things which are sure to bring smile on your beautiful face.

Do let me know in the comments below what is your idea of Happiness? Keep Smiling and stay happy !! 

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