Thursday, March 5, 2015

#Spotted – Big Names showing up for a Secret Pepsi TVC Shoot.!!

World cup season is here and we are all pumped up to support our country in full swing. Captain Virat Kholi is proving to be one awesome Captain. Continuous wins has raised our hopes to bring the World Cup back in our country this year. All this is known to everyone, but what we all still don’t know is the fact that Virat Kholi is spotted shooting for film/ ad film with the Big names of Bollywood.

So what exactly is cooking here? Why all such big celebs like Pritam, Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Basu are doing with our cricket rockstar- Virat Kholi? This looks like something gigantic is about to happen.  All amazing personalities coming together to create something fun and awesome. But what it would be? We all are guess that it might be a shoot of new film. Aren’t you all excited to know what it is going to be, just like I’m? It looks like an ad film but we still aren’t sure. You should check this video out to know more about the same.

Isn’t this superb? Bollywood big celebs and cricket heroes all coming together for an exciting ad film. I’m zealous to know what ad it is going to be. Who will have a bigger role to play in the same? How will they share the screen space with the Cricket legend, Virat Kohli.

I’m a huge fan of Virat Kohli and Ranbir Kapoor. I’m in a huge dilemma as to who to support. Rabir is chocalatey boy, with charms that wins anyone’s heart and on the other side, It is Virat Kohli. I mean common, he is so dashing and macho that I feel jealous of all the women who get to be around him.
This ad is going to fantastic for sure because there are so many awesome names attached to it.

One thing that I couldn’t understand after watching the pre-release video is the fact that everyone is talking about themselves, but why? Why are they calling themselves a Big thing, when they all are going to come together. What is so special about this TVC ad that it even sounds like war-zone among the celebs? Why is everyone so eager and obsessed with labeling this video as their own? Now, I really want to know whose video it is going to be? Pepsi is known for its classic and funny TVC, with big celebrities involved in it. This time is no different yet this time it is bigger. This ad is not released yet but is already making such big news, can’t wait enough to check this TVC. My excitement to unveil the suspense behind Pepsi teaser is going beyond limits.
This ad can be about anyone as Virat is saying continuously “Chakka kisne maara” and Ranbir is saying “that he does all his stunts by himself”. I’m speculating that this TVC ad is going to filled with Drama, action and last but not the least some great shots from the sports that we Indians admire the most, cricket. Let’s wait and watch who will be the star of the ad, who will steal the limelight?

Who is your favorite star from this teaser video? Whom do you want to see as the main star of this exciting Pepsi TVC? I know this TVC teaser is intriguing and this ad might turn out to be biggest blockbuster TVC of this World cup season. Pepsi is doing some great job in bringing such known celebrities together for what sounds like an Epic TVC.

I’m super excited to know the theme and story of this ad. Wait much? But one this is for sure it is soon going to be  - Much Fun !!

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