Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#StartANewLife on Your Own Terms !

Often we forget about the things that push us up further, and the things that weigh us down. There are many aspects of our life where we try desperately to cling on to something that has only a negative effect on us. One such incident that happened to me, was when I moved out of my career as a fully qualified advocate, and into the industry of social media.

Naturally, this being India, I had a whole bunch of people telling me not to do this, and that I was throwing my life away and ruining my future and whatnot. To me it was clear, Why would I want to waste my time on this planet, spending most of it on a career that puts me to sleep so easily?

It was not easy, and it was definitely a lot scarier than I imagined at first. The sheer amount of networking that you need to do, and the contacts that need to be built from the ground-up, were my biggest challenges starting out. Its not easy to get work in a field where literally anyone who has an active social life, can be a potential competitor!

It took a while, but I finally started to put together my own contacts, began to source out work from various running campaigns, and eventually, I was able to put my law degree into storage, hoping that I'll never have to fall back on it again. But I must say, the courage needed to do this without a fallback option, is something a lot of people are forced to show. Kudos to you all!

Another huge leap that I took was deciding that it was time to move out of my parents' house. That last step where they make you feel like you're betraying all of humanity, was not an easy one, but I grit my teeth and went for it. I'm happy to say that it has helped me immensely, allowing me to work at my own pace, and build up my career with the time and care that it needs.

Finding a new place to stay was not even remotely easy. Finding brokers, filtering out the reliable ones, looking at potential areas and their distance from places of work and looking for a decent apartment in a decent locality are all very difficult to do to begin with. But what truly hammers the nail on the coffin, is finding all this for the right price! If websites like had existed at the time, there is no doubt that my life would have been so much easier!

So, have you made any strong changes? Talk about any of the moments where you felt the overwhelming need to #StartANewLife and how you went about it!

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