Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone!

The month of love has recently passed off but does that mean you will stop what you care about, what you love the most? I don’t think that we need just one day for love, we can celebrate love every day. Yes. I’m in love with an amazing guy but that happened recently; we are yet to complete our first year of togetherness, though each passing day we feel that we have known each other for centuries and are deeply in love for over decades.

I have always been in love- with myself. I believe till the time you won’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else.  Today, times have changed and we find more happiness with our gadgets and internet than with the other human being. I guess this happened for me as well. I’m quite internet savvy, even though I’m technically handicapped yet you will see me with my gadgets and PC all the time. Thanks to social media I don’t feel bored with internet ever.  
Asus Zenfone 5

When you desire something so much that you spend your whole day with it that’s when you need something which can keep that love everlasting. And to rescue me from oblivion there came Asus zenfone. My #UnconditionalLove for internet was redefined thanks to Zenfone.

Check out the all new Asus Zenfone which is being sold at an exciting prize with great offers exclusively on Flipkart. Great deal, isn’t it?

Why is ASUS  Zenfone an amazing choice that I even mentioned it as my #UnconditionalLove let’s find out –

It has amazing looks and great features. Apart from that there are certain main features which makes it call you a Perfect Lover.

The Intel Atom Processor 2520 The Intel Atom Processor couples high processing power with amazing Energy efficiency. A single full charge is able to support several more hours of even high quality video streaming. Its Hyper Threading technology allows it to multitask effectively, and handle upto four separate threads at once! This also means that the phone's response time is negligibly low! The interface handles very well, with little to no delay during application swapping.

The media functionalities are also top notch, leading with a 13 Megapixel HD camera, with a High Quality 5-element optical formula lens, assisted by the Intel Atom 2520 processor. This lets you capture the world around you in High Quality, simply with a device in your pocket! And using its Pixelmaster technology, capturing high definition images for precise shoots, becomes easy enough that even budding amateur photographers can use it as a powerful tool.

The 6" HD Display is the perfect accompaniment, to enjoy these videos in the clarity and sharpness that they deserve! 

Amazing Battery Life
Is there a point in buying a phone that makes you charge it every few hours? With the hi-powered battery life you  could keep chatting through the night using Asus Zenfone. Using Intel has greatly boosted the phone's battery life alongside its performance levels. Now you can talk, play, chat or just surf internet without being worried about its battery life.

Excellent Image Quality

Asus Zenfone captures professional quality photos with PixelMaster. Now I can capture and save all the beautiful moments of my life with just this phone in hand without any need to carry any professional camera with me.  And for the amazing #Selfie mode, it’s a steal!!

Great Accessories

Everyone wants a good looking phone. For that, your phone must come with some extra accessories. That is a great problem since many phones don’t support a lot of accessories. But I don’t have to worry about that since my Asus Zenfone comes with lots of great accessories.

So, you still think these reasons are not enough to call it as your perfect lover, then you must check out this video and re-think about.

 Its perfect gift for yourself as well as for your significant other, because you both deserve the best.

Have you used Zenfone? How was your experience? Do write it to us, in the comments below.

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