Thursday, April 16, 2015

Best Nutritionist in Mumbai

Hey Everyone!

In this busy life, we often give least time to the most important things, even to the extent that we almost end up ignoring it. For example, health. How many of us are really focused towards our health? Not too many. I'm sure of that. 

Nutrition For Better Health & Growth!
Being healthy doesn't mean that one has to be size zero or starve them to death. It simply means to be conscious about what you eat and how you eat it; eat healthy, maintain a balanced stress-free life, don't ignore the required nutrition and be committed to your fitness regime.

Many of my friends and readers do ask me about health tips, diet tips, etc. I feel that sometimes you need a specialist who can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of nutritionists and dietitians in Mumbai, who are doing a great job in helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle that we all seek.

Nutrition is integral to health and growth. Here are few names of the renowned dietitians in Mumbai

1) Dr. Anju Venkat She is a naturopathy expert and the current director of the Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai. She believes in giving importance to regional fruits and vegetables.

2) Ritika Gupta - She is a leading nutritionist in Mumbai. She is also an expert dietitian who works clinically on her patients.

3) Anjali Mukherjee - She is the "official Nutritionist" to the Miss India contestants. She is a committed professional practicing in Mumbai.

4) Rujuta Diwekar- She is the dietitian behind Kareena Kapoor's size zero. She is an amazing diet specialist in Mumbai. Diwekar has a PG degree in sports science and nutrition from SNDT University, Mumbai.

I hope these people and many more diet specialist in Mumbai can help you lead a healthy lifestyle. These people know the science of nutrition and also the nutritive value of food. They are best in their field and can tell you what to eat and when.

Have you appointed any nutritionist for health concerns? If you have any suggestions regarding nutrition and nutritionists, do write it to us. 


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