Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gulnar Strawberry Handmade Soap- Review and Experience.

Recently, I have started to experiment a lot with skin care products, especially handmade soaps. There is something very catchy and intriguing in using 100% natural organic handmade soaps.

I came across Gulnar as I received this lovely 50gm soap in one of my fab bag. This brand makes 100% safe soaps; no harmful and unnecessary chemicals are used. Mainly their soaps are glycerine based, but if your skin is extremely oily, then they have a whole range of soaps made with Fuller’s earth.


Enjoy the lingering juicy goodness of this soap that looks and smells like a strawberry. Crafted using strawberry oil, dried strawberry leaves, purified water and glycerine base, this soap is an excellent cleanser.

Shelf Life – 2 years
PRICE- Rs250
QUANTITY- 150 gms.

Available at –
Amazon, Craftsvilla and other online websites


It comes in cellophane wrapped transparent packaging with a beautiful brand label around it.
It says about the ingredients used and an interesting trivia about strawberries is also mentioned on the label.

Brand Label also declares that soaps are

a)     Handmade by village artisans
b)    Brand is against animal testing and also
c)     Child labour.

My Experience

 I have been using this tiny soap for almost 10 days now and I can confidently say that my little dry skin loves it. Even though it doesn't form much lather but it cleanses the skin very well, leaving behind a soft juicy strawberry fragrance. The fragrance doesn't linger for long. 

As my skin is normal to dry, I can use this glycerine based soap even during the summers. Though I would prefer and suggest using any glycerine based soap during the cooler weather. 

Soap also contains strawberry leaves which exfoliate the skin really well without being harsh on it.

I really liked the soap but the high price for this quantity is quite a bummer.

 RATINGS   Efficacy and Performance- 3.5/5
                      Availability- 3/5
                      Packaging- 3.5/5
                      Value for Money- 3/5

Overall Rating- 3.25/5

VERDICT- I like the idea of using handmade natural soaps. This soap was definitely worth a try. As of now, I will try other brands offering handmade soaps; though will surely give a shot to Gulnar’s Fuller’s Earth based soaps.

Have you tried any handmade soap? DO write us about your experience. 


  1. I have never tried handmade soaps. Are they worth trying?

    1. Hi Sonali,

      If you are into organic and handmade products, this is a very good option. If you think that the price is too steep, stay tuned to the blog as we are coming up with affordable handmade soaps as well.
      I feel these soaps go on for a longer period than normal soaps and are very safe on skin. No harsh effects.

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