Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rite Bite Protein Bars- Review and Price.

Well, honestly speaking, I'm like Adele, no-no not an amazing singer (though I would love to presume that) but quite round in shape. And just like her, I hate exercising too :P. Sitting in front of the computer screen for 10-12 hours a day, doesn't help in getting in shape either.

Yes girl, its true, till the time you wont move your butt, the results won't show up.

I can a make a million excuses to not workout, and then I’m not fooling anyone but myself. So after recovering from sudden hormonal imbalance that my body went through in the month of Feb & March. I decided to take a leap of faith and start working out little bit.

All these years of being plus size has taught me that starving me to death is a permanent solution; our body requires certain nutrition and to remain healthy and in good shape, one needs to follow a balanced diet.

Recently, I received protein bars from Nuturell which gave me another reason to stick to decision of starting the workout. In past, I have tried granola snack bars and nut breakfast bars from different brands and they gave pretty good results and kept me full for long hours. Protein bar was entirely a new experience.

I received 4 Protein bars; 3 are Maxx Protein Bar and 1 is Herbal Protein Bar.

Easy Slim Herbal Bar.- Easy slim is a weight management protein bar (I really needed it). It has been formulated with herbs which are known to support metabolism and digestion. Main ingredients of this herbal bar are green tea, guggul, yerba mate and garcinia. All the ingredients are rich in antioxidants, boosts metabolism and supports fat burning)

Up on opening the bar, it smells and looks like any other chocolate bar but the taste is quite unique. Not exactly an exciting taste but regular consumption of this bar will change the way it feels. It’s a quick meal snack.

Other 3 variants- Maxx Protein Bars

Each bar is around 65-70 gms; it might not look much but its quite filling. The make me feel so full that I can easily replace my one time meal with one bar.

All these bars are nutty and granulated. Lemon and honey has a different kind of savory taste which choco fudge and choco slim has a unique chocolate taste, more on the side of dark chocolates.

These bars are great energy boosters and are great pre/post workout meal as well. These bars are rich in nutrition and proteins. My favorite among all is RiteBite Choco Fudge Maxx Protein Bar- sole reason for that is, taste!!

PRICE- Rs 100/ bar
Available on Amazon

RATING-      Effect and Nutrition – 4.75/5

                                            Taste – 3.5/5

                                        Availability – 4/5

Overall Rating- 4/5

These bars are the great source of protein. If you are working out or you are girl on move, who doesn’t get time to maintain a balanced diet, then you must give these little bars a shot. There are many more flavours and variants available, I’m going to try them all.

Have you tried protein bars before? How was the experience? Also, do write it to us about your experience with Rite Bite.

Disclaimer- Product sent by brand. Reviews are honest.



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