Monday, May 18, 2015

April MSM Express Box - Unboxing, Price & Review.

Apologies in advance, as I couldn’t post this earlier. Somehow, this post was in drafts and I totally forgot about it. But hey, it’s better late than never right?

Currently there are many beauty subscription boxes available in the market. These subscription plans are a great way to checkout new brands and products available in the market.

MSM- My Style Mile is also one of such. Their moto is “A lot in A Little”
MSM has 2 subscription plans.

MSM Select Box- Premium Brands
MSM Express Box – Normal drugstore brands.

It was an impulsive decision to go for MSM Express Box and to my surprise; they delivered the box within 3 hours of placing the order. Super impressive delivery. Woohoo!

Box contains- Beauty and Lifestyle products which are carefully curated after looking into your needs.

Express box is Pink/Magenta in colour whereas the Select box is in yellow.

Price – Rs 495/month (Express box)


It’s a compact box, which is quite sturdy and can be used to store makeup or jewelry. Let’s see what April Express Box contained –

·        Makeover Lipstick
·        Tiens Nail Paint ( Brand- Makeover)
·        Kronokare Mediterrean Citrus Body Lotion. (deluxe size sample)
·        Innisfree Facemask Sheet {I love these sheets)
·        And a small aromatic candle from Naina
·        All Good Scents Lolette Vial
·        Also, there are certain discount vouchers and coupons (pretty impressive)

It is certainly one box worth investing my money in. Still, the cosmetic brand which is included in this box is unknown to me and I couldn’t even find much information about the same online, so I’m quite skeptical about it. Packaging of the lipstick looks quite sturdy and promising though. (Will review about it soon)

I’m a fan of Kronokare and Innisfree products, so for me this box was a catch.

Rating-                Value for money- 4/5
                                         Contents- 4/5
                Packaging and Delivery- 5/5
                            Personalization – 3/5
( They don’t really personalize according to each skin type)

Overall Rating – 4/5

Verdict- It is one of the best subscription boxes/bags out there yet I couldn’t somehow, connect with it the way I did with the Fab Bag. I will give it one more try in the month of July. I hope then it impresses me more and connects with me better.

Have you subscribed to any beauty sample plans? Which one is your favorite? And what are your views about. Write it to us in the comments below.

Until then Stay beautiful!

Take Care

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely my own.

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