Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#SayYesToOxygen- OxyLife Bleach, Review & Experience!

Today, I’m writing my experience of using Oxy facial bleach.

I do not bleach often, rather I don’t even remember when was the last time I used bleach on my face was.  As I don’t have visible facial hair and the very few that I have is also quite light in texture, thus, I’m not regular with the bleaching routine. In summers, my skin tends to get tanned and because of the high sun exposure and pollution facial hair becomes visible. That is why I decided to bleach this time.

There are numerous methods with which you can remove tanning naturally but that rarely works for the facial hair. So I decided to go for the oxy bleach as it seemed to be the safest option.

The tag line of this bleach also suggests the same “Healthy way to bleach.” So, I gave it a try.

About the bleach
When skin is exposed to stress, harsh sunlight and high levels of pollution, it starts looking pale. This indicates a lack of oxygen in the skin and time for oxygenation. Oxybleach,with its unique formulation, breathes oxygen to the skin and revives the glow instantly.

Oxybleach is the healthiest bleach in the world today. It was the world’s first bleach with a unique pre-bleach cream which forms a protective shield for even the most sensitive skin, giving a safe & enhanced bleaching experience.

Ingredients: Bleach Cream, Hydrogen Peroxide. Powder Activator: Persulphates.Shelf Life: 2 years

Contents - Bleaching cream, Activator powder, spatula, post bleaching cream and information manual.

How to Use- check this website for more info about how to use and about the bleaching cream

My Experience

I cleansed my face and started the process of bleaching after patting it dry. 
I took 2 pinches of activator and mixed it into the bleaching cream thoroughly for almost 2 mins.
I applied it all over my face; there was a slight tingling sensation but that is usual with any bleach as the activator is working on the facial hair. I washed my face after 10 mins ( I do not recommend keeping bleach on for more than 10 mins)
The results of using this bleach were quite amazing. It lightened my facial hair, improved my skin texture and my complexion was at least 2 shades lighter. It felt as if the stubborn tan suddenly disappeared. 
After bleaching, I used the post bleaching cream as it was directed in the leaflet. The cream, even though very less in quantity helps in calming down the skin which came in contact with certain chemicals while bleaching and also gives a subtle glow to the face.
I'm quite impressed after using this bleach and I'll incorporate bleach as a part of my facial more often now. 
I think this is the best bleach I have ever used.

Rating - Efficacy & Performance- 4.5/5
                                     Packaging – 4/5
                            Value for money- 5/5
                                  Availability – 5/5
Overall Rating -4.5/5

Verdict- I strongly recommend this bleach. And I’m surely going to try this again. This bleach also contains Hydrogen Peroxide and persulphates just like any other bleach yet my skin didn’t react to it badly, instead it is glowing and is tan free.
There are no side effects to it and it is thus suitable even for the sensitive skin

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  1. Using this product in large amount can cause more severity , redness and swollen of acne. black bleaching cream



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