Monday, September 28, 2015

Chi Asian Cookhouse - Food & Restaurant Review

Chi Asian Cookhouse, invited me to taste their special menu for review.

India is well known for its spices, and when we talk about Indian street food, Indo-chinese is something which never fails to grab my attention.
Well, but today I'm not talking chinese food, I'm talking about a restaurant that brings an authentic taste to the Asian platter - Chi Asian Cookhouse!
Located opposite to the famous street shopping market of Janpath, it is found on the first floor. The positivity starts building up right at the entrance, the ambience giving you a breath of fresh air.

The restaurant is very lively, with a summery-bright look to it. There is a large bar area and still there is plenty of space for dining.
It has a subtle classy look to it, and the interiors have been artfully colors with bright splashes of color. Something that really caught my attention there was the decoration on the wall, using crockery. Quite a unique way to use your own wares for decor!
The place itself is quiet and peaceful, making it perfect for a family dining experience.
Coming to the most exciting thing.. food! I was greeted with a hard core Pan Asian menu, my attention was mainly going to their wide choice of seafood. We were also pleasantly surprised by a customized menu, offering us an epic list of specials, as well as new and upcoming items!

If you are anything like me, and have a thing for Mughalai cuisine (especialli Biriyanis!), this place will rock your socks off. The staff are also very helpful and knowledgeable about the dishes they are serving you, going so far as to name off individual ingredients and spices!
We started our meal with Soups. The Chiang hai glass noodle soup came in a large bowl, filled to the brim with vegetables, boiled chicken, and the famous glass noodles. I greatly enjoyed the texture of the noodles in contrast to the richness of the clear soup. A must try for Soup and Noodle aficionados.
The Dim-Sums came next, firstly the Prawn Cheung Fun, followed by the soupy pork dumplings. I expected the soup to mess with the texture of the filling, but it was prepared in such a way so as to keep its structure. Very nicely done! The Prawn Cheung Fun is essentially a prawn, rolled inside steamed rice and served with soy sauce. Loved this one too!
We were pretty confused when we saw a bunch of crumpled up banana leaves on the plate when we realized they were dumplings made with sticky rice, wrapped and cooked in the leaf to give it a very subtle pinch of flavor. Needless to say we enjoyed it immensely.

As we tried to convince ourselves we weren't full, a plate of Jasmine Rice came by. The aroma hit us well before the plate came into our sights. Combined with Kimchi spiced vegetables and cheating chilli prawns (The name really fascinated me :P). I was not really a fan of the vegetables, but the chilli prawns more than made up for it!
The Drinks
I think that one of the biggest highlights of that hot day, was the out-of-this-world mocktails.

We first ordered a Beijing Martini, and a Watermelon Cooler. The Beijing martini is perfect for pepper lovers like I, with cranberry juice providing a perfect base for mixing the pepper and balsamic vinegar.
We didn't quite enjoy the watermelon cooler, so we decided to try another round. This time we also called for the Tokyo Cobbler - A lychee based drink, served in a tall glass with rose essence.

This drink was the hero of the day. One of us found it very close to too sweet (while the other has no taste buds and is wrong :P), but it was super refreshing, and looked SO BEAUTIFUL.
Finally the dessert arrived. Coconut pancakes served with vannila ice-cream and various sprinkles.
I was so full that I decided to pass on this, but my partner decided to try a small bit. He ended up eating nearly the entire thing, raving on an on about it to every staff member who would listen.
This place surely is among my go to places around Central Delhi, for a nice family meal.
Ratings -
Ambience - 4/5
Staff & Service - 4/5
Food & Drinks - 3.5/5
Value for Money - 3/5
Overall Rating - 3/5

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