Saturday, September 5, 2015

Monsoon and The Hair Woes

Hair more than just a body part - Its a precious jewelry !!

Hair plays various roles in our lives. From being your pride to your confidence, from playing to accessorizing. Some people show their adventurous side my coloring hair and others by sporting a new haircut every now and then. Our hair goes through so much pulling and tugging: courtesy - hairbands.

Nightmare -de- Frizziness!! 

And then comes the monsoon. It's a season for me where my sweaty hair attracts dust more than ever. The torture continues because I have a VERY oily scalp, which means I need to wash my hair daily ( I can’t think of a day when I can go without washing it). But the busy schedule of the week hardly ever gives me a chance to oil my hair before every wash. All this together used to take a toll on my hair by making it dull, dry, frizzy and lifeless. 

The day I saw 10-15 hair strands on my hair brush - it was heartbreaking - I knew it was high time to follow grandma's secret tips to save my precious hair. 
Mission started by taking a conscious decision of healthy eating. Not just protein intake, I made sure I had a balanced meal. 

A greasy scalp can become a reason for dandruff which also harms the hair right at its roots. To combat this I used onion juice on the weekend. Applying the juice on the scalp and letting in on for about 20 minutes before hair wash helps in getting a squeaky clean scalp. Onion juice is also known for increasing the fresh hair growth. 

With all this, I added one more step in my weekend regime. It is the champi with Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. A head massage given by mumma is always so relaxing but the goodness of amla, heena and lemon in the oil makes my hair happy too! 
I've noticed how while washing my hair a non sticky glossy layer helps by not letting the shampoo strip excessive oil off the scalp which could result in an itch. It's been a few days since I've started using it. However, I'll be back with a full fledged review very soon.

Stay Tuned to know how effective Dabur Vatika coconut oil is on my hair.
Let me know your hair woes during this dreadful summers, heat and humidity and your solution to the same. Waiting for your comments.
Until next time … Stay Beautiful!  

Content Contributed by Diya 

Disclaimer- We are on the trail of this oil in association with Dabur. Our reviews are unbiased and personal. 

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