Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash; Review And Price

Contributed by- Minal

These days weather is so unpredictable. One moment it’s all bright and hot and the very next, it’s raining like no one’s business. With humidity at its peak, my skin suffers a lot. Recently, I have been trying my hands on few products TBS Tea Tree range. The one product that I really adore is its Body Wash.

Keep Reading to know why this body wash is perfect for monsoons.

About the Products
It is a refreshing, soap-free antibacterial body wash for the blemished skin. It claims to give clearer-looking skin. It contains Tea Tree (Leaf) Oil & Lemon Tea Tree Oil (contain properties that help fight blemishes and prevent new ones from forming) and Tamanu oil (soothing effect and helps to calm irritation and redness).

How to use: Lather up in the bath or shower using hands or a bath lily. Rinse thoroughly.

Packaging: The body wash comes in a sturdy plastic see-through bottle with a flip cap. The flip cap has a sturdy click lock and does not spill and is easy to carry while travelling. 

Texture: It is a slight greenish transparent gel based body wash which foams up easily. It feels a little thicker than other body washes from TBS that I have used. The fragrance of this product reminds of strong herbal medicines.

Price: Rs. 650/-
Quantity: 250 ml bottle.

Personal Experience:

I like to take my time when I shower. That’s why I use body washes and shower gels on loofa. The Tea Tree Body Wash lathers easily hence I don’t have to use a lot. After rinsing, it leaves my squeaky clean which kind of feel rejuvenated. It doesn’t over-dry my skin. It is perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It had a soothing effect on the existing acne and blemishes, reduced the redness and has helped my skin in preventing breakouts.

Over a regular use of a month I noticed the breakouts and blemishes reduced considerably. The 250 ml bottle lasted me around 50 days. However, I noticed that once I stop using it, the breakouts find their way back. The tea tree body wash cleanses the skin from the deeper roots, removing all the marks of bacteria that cause uneven skin and acne. For the long term effect, one must use this product regularly. I’m totally hooked to it and I don’t think I’m going to jump to any other shower gel anytime soon, At least not during this horrible weather.

The Good                                                       The Not-so-Good
Soap Free                                                        Medicinal smell
Antibacterial                                                   Price is on the higher side.
Sturdy easy to carry bottle
Lathers easily and does not over dry the skin
Reduces redness
Prevents blemishes & breakouts

Rating: 4/5


I recommend the body wash as it is a must try for sensitive, blemished and acne prone skin. I’ve very sensitive skin and during this weather, it breaks out really easily. Since, the time I have started using this body wash, I can see and feel the clear difference. 

Edited by - Prachi 


  1. I also hv sensitive skin. I guess i need to gt ma hands on this body wash.

  2. I also hv sensitive skin. I guess i need to gt ma hands on this body wash.



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