Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why I Said No to Hair Cuts?

Summer Time or Bored of the old style? New trends or 'new me'? Breakup? *gasps* 
What was your excuse for the last haircut? Or wait, let me rephrase the question - what veil of excuse did you use this time to chop the precious - but damaged-hair?
Let me share a secret with you. I'm not very well versed about gadgets. So, my dealing with all things technology is limited to what I’ve been told or what's in the user guide. For any technical issue that crops up my solution used to be - Switch off. *OK, fine. It still is my solution* 
But is this switch off (read: chopping your golden locks) the right solution or can we even call it a solution? 

Ignoring the main cause and running for a temporary concealer is not really a wise thing to do. Understanding the root cause and working accordingly is more likely to work.
Some say that a person's shoes speak a lot about his personality. For me I think it's the hair. 
I mean, com'on, the well managed (be it curls or wavy or straight) hair do show the care and time one gives to himself or herself. I do understand that in cities where the pollution level is quite high it's difficult to combat the effect on the body. BUT, difficult does not mean impossible. In fact when we have a gem of a solution; Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair oil there's no reason to make any excuses! Strengthening the hair at the root with the qualities of amla, lime and heena and locking the moisture at the shaft of the hair gives it a new life.

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair oil is a blessing for all of us who are marching from home to work and work to home with no time left for much needed TLC. All the care and nourishment that our hair need are packed in this bottle. Those magic elements are- Coconut, Amla, heena and lemon ! Benefits of all these amazing ingredients are even mentioned in the Ayurveda. Be it dandruff, dry hair or hair fall, our solution is a 20min head massage with Vatika Hair Oil. Champi makes everything better and brighter.

Fast paced life, pollution, even work for that matter should not deprive you of your Me Time! 
Remember, investing in yourself in the best investment.
So, now that we know this #ExcuseMeknot *rolls her eyes* I'm not using any excuses anymore to cut my beautiful tresses ... No cuts, I say! 

Cheers to beautiful and strong long hair!
What is your reason to chop your hair this summer/humid season?  Share your champi and hair woes experiences.
content contributed by Diya

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  1. Ya really i usd to do dat. Bt nw i hv stoppd doin dat. I grow ma hair n lov them to all bits. I jus do trimmin once in 3-4 months fr more hair growth.



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