Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Genie For My Groceries - PepperTap

I was doing the usual mindless scrolling on  when I ran into a blog poston some interesting food ideas. There was one in particular that I wanted to try, so I saw the video, got myself excited and walked into the kitchen. Then I remembered that I was out of eggs, as well as corn flour. There was not much oil left either. Disheartened, I went back and tried to find another recipe that hopefully did not use any of these items, but not only did I not find anything worth making, I really REALLY just wanted to make that one cupcake. 

So I was just about ready to grab my purse and head to the store when I thought I'd check online first. I don't normally do this, considering the number of bad vendors in the Delhi NCR area, who rarely deliver the items you ask for, and often mix it up. If you order Lichi juice, you have to be prepared to get any juice. And if you ever make the mistake of ordering vegetables, you will get a randomly picked bunch, freshness is not really a concern for them. But recently I have been ordering grocery stuff from PepperTap as they are reliable and oh-so-convenient. 

The site was pretty easy to navigate, as they had categorised everything well (And they have a LOT of categories, by the way). I found what I needed pretty quickly... And then spent a good half an hour shopping for things that I wanted :P. With everything picked out, I checked out the items and within seconds I was told that my order has been placed. I placed the order at 4:37 PM, and I was given the 6 PM to 8 PM delivery slot. The time seemed pretty long to me, but I guess pizza places have really set the bar too high :P

I was very happy with their delivery speed overall, as the order arrived at around 6:15. Delivery guys often have issues with my house due to the somewhat unusual layout, but the delivery guy seemed to have no problems finding the place. The order was not only complete, but the packaging is worth mentioning. They pack vegetables properly in sealed packets, and whatever I ordered was pretty fresh. Finally, I could start cooking!

After all that waiting,I had pretty much memorized the recipe :P So I bolted straight to the kitchen and began working on it. It turned out to be slightly more complex than I thought, but I caught on to the technique pretty quickly. Within a couple of attempts, I even began to improvise slightly and tweak the recipe. Overall, it was a lot of fun and the cupcakes were a great delight, my family also relished them. 
I am glad I decided to order the missing ingredients, because I am lazy and would have ended up making noodles and watching TV instead :P

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