Thursday, October 22, 2015

#Subscribe to Smooth - My Routine

It has been long since I wrote a post, so first things first, a big hello! Previously, I told you all that I have taken the #SubscribetoSmooth challenge. So, this time I will tell you how I managed to incorporate it into my routine!

- It was a 30 day challenge, therefore I'm taking 45 days ago, as I've been sick to death frown emoticon
- I'm not new to shaving (Especially my legs and underarms), I've been doing it for a few years now.
- Though I used Gilette shaving gel for the first time during this challenge - I had earlier used coconut oil or hair conditioner.
- I don't have fast growing body hair, so in a month I need to shave a maximum of two times, closer to twice in 45 days.
Now, coming to the experience with the Gillete Venus range... In a word, simply superb! The Satin Care shaving gel is like MAGIC! It has definitely found a permanent place in my cabinet. You just need a tiny amount, which will lather really well. The Venus razor gives you a very close shave, and believe me, the combination works like a dream!

The grip of the razor is firm, but it feels soft on the skin as well, so no nicks and no cuts. Yay! grin emoticon
I use a single cartridge for two uses usually, both of which include my arms, legs and underarms. This makes it quite affordable, especially if you have slow growing body hair like mine. And even though there is such a close shave, there is no ingrown hair.
Overall, I would say go for it girls, and say to shaving- Its convenient, affordable and leaves you with smooth skin.

Next and the final post on #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge will contain few more tips and we will be busting more myths around shaving.

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