Friday, January 22, 2016

Take an #EzeeChallenge - Do the Good Deed!

Today, I saw a very thought provoking video on youtube. I was binge watching interesting videos, when I ran into something called the "Ezee Challenge" #EzeeChallenge 

It took me back to an incident that happened a few days ago, when I accidentally locked myself out of my house in the early hours of the morning, without any sweater. I must have been out for maybe a minute, before I managed to get my folks' attention and get back inside. But that one minute was pure HELL! I was shivering so badly that it took several minutes (once I was back inside) to stop.

I was very moved when I saw the ending to that video, when I began to imagine the plight of the thousands of underprivileged kids in my city, who are battling the harsh winters with nothing to protect them or give them warmth. It is indeed a very cruel reality, each of us need to help them. This is a joint effort, we need to inspire others to follow and help! And believe me, every little bit will make a big difference! Every single kid who has a warm cover at night, is a victory in itself!

Please help me draw attention to this cause, and Retweet/Share my tweet 

( For every 10 RT/Share, I will donate (to ezeehug) woollens  that would bring not only warmth, but also hope to the many underprivileged children in our City (and eventually, country!). Let's do out bit by sharing/RTing this post. Help the #EzeeHug initiative! For details, visit

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