Wednesday, April 20, 2016

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion. SPF 30 - Review

Summers, Scorching heat and tanning - Sounds like a familiar story right in summers. My make-up goes minimal and I become extra careful about my sunscreen routine. And now that I am swimming regularly, it is an absolute must! The wonderful people at VLCC sent over a skin care range, which is a must for summers.

So today, I planned to review the sunscreen that I do not leave home without, and which also happens to be a permanent member in my handbag now - The VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion. SPF 30 PA+++
This lotion comes in various sizes, and price tags - It is ideal for all skin types, and have an oil-free broad spectrum formulation with UVA and UVB defense.

Packaging - Comes in a squeeze tube with a flip opening. Travel friendly.

Ingredients - Almond oil (1%), Jojoba oil (1%), White sandalwood extract (0.3%), Turmeric extract (1%), Germinated wheat oil (1%), Pineapple extract (1%), Zinc oxide (4%), Aloe Vera extract (2%), Carrot seed oil (0.40%), Cucumber extract (2%), Lotion base Q.S.

Price – Rs 115 for 30 gm and Rs 315 for 100gms
Shelf Life- 2 Years
Available At – Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and offline stores easily

My experience with VLCC Matte look Sunscreen Lotion

I've been using this lotion for quite some time now. This is probably my fourth or fifth tube! Over the years, the price has increased, but not steeply. It is still super affordable. I apply it every day on my face and neck, atleast fifteen minutes before stepping out. It claims total protection from the harmful VVA and VVB rays, and I feel it works, because my skin does not burn when exposed to the sun, and even the tan is hardly noticeable, even after extended periods.

It leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean, and supple. My only complaint wit the product is the matte look doesn't sustain for long, but at the same time, it doesn't make my skin look greasy, oily, or sweaty. So a big thumbs up for that!

I feel regular usage of this cream has also helped my skin retain its supple and even texture.

Will I buy it again? Yes of course! It is a must have during summers for my skincare routine. My mom is also a huge fan of this product!

Overall, this is an amazing product which is affordable and does what it claims. For this price and superb quality, I would suggest that you go for it!

Rating – 4.5/5 ( Highly Recommended!!) 


  1. I'm looking to try more matte sunscreens this year. This one definitely sounds great.

  2. Its a grt product. M tryin vlcc sandalwood sunscreen n nw surely i ll try this product.

  3. Its a grt product. M tryin vlcc sandalwood sunscreen n nw surely i ll try this product.



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