Saturday, April 23, 2016

VLCC Singhda Whitening Day Cream With SPF25 - Review

VLCC Day Cream is another product from the house of VLCC that I am using on a regular basis for the past one month. Read more to know how I feel about it, and my experience.

Product Claims -

A unique day care cream with SPF 25 developed for dull, dark and lifeless skin, caused due to melanin accumulation and exposure to the sun and its UV Radiation. Ideal for application during the day, which helps in retaining the texture of your skin, and preventing the re-occurrence of dark spots, marks, and pigmentation.

Price - Rs. 399 /-
Quantity - 50g

My Experience with VLCC Day Cream -

I have a dusky complexion, and I like it that way. I do not believe that you need to be fair to look beautiful. This would be the main reason why I do not believe in, nor do I encourage the use of whitening and/or fairness products. (If you have a preference to fair skin, that is totally cool. But to say that one is better than the other is not the right way to go!)

I understand why brands use whitening and fairness for their marketing; because we as a nation are obsessed with fair skin! But I am so glad that some of us are finally saying no to whitening branding, point blank.

Anyway, moving on to the review, I neither like this cream now do I hate it. It did not do anything for my skin except for acting as a sunscreen. It does not moisturize well, but during summers, it helps in controlling sunburn on my face.

My biggest issue with this cream is that it leaves a white cast on my skin. It does not get absorbed in the skin as much as I would like it to.

Rating - 3/5

Will I repurchase? - No, I would try a different products from VLCC instead, but not this one.

Recommendation - It is an affordable day cream which comes with a generous amount of product. If you have young, non-problematic and normal skin type, it can work for you. Just do not expect any miraculous results!


  1. This sounds like a decent product, but nothing too great.

  2. Its vlcc product.. it culd b good or culd b bad. I dnt hv normal skin eithr. So i wuldnt gv it a try.

  3. Its vlcc product.. it culd b good or culd b bad. I dnt hv normal skin eithr. So i wuldnt gv it a try.



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