Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Himalaya #FairnessKesarFace Pack Review and Experience

This time summer decided to be ruthless and harsher than ever before in Delhi and I’m totally in the mood to crib about it for as long as I can but leaving the heat aside, I tend to get tanned at least two shades darker, which honestly isn’t great on the Indian skin. And this year especially because I joined swimming as a summer sport to opt for a healthy lifestyle, chlorine is making my skin go haywire. Being a lazy person by nature, I don’t end up giving too much time to my skin care either. But this time I decided to be little careful and choose for cleanups on bi-monthly basis. Though, asking me to go and visit a Salon; Not happening! Full fledged clean-ups/mini-facials and pampering my skin with facepacks has shown a huge difference in my skin.

I have been using Himalaya Kesar Fairness pack for a while now. I picked it because I have always loved Himalaya products and its Neem pack had been my favorite for a long time, even though I didn’t have problematic skin, it still helped me detoxify it. So this time I wanted to give try to something different and wanted to get rid of this stubborn tan too.
Let’s have a look at what the product claims and why this worked out for me.

Himalaya Claims It is a unique natural formulation that evens out skin tone for a fairer you! Turmeric, walnut, Indian Aloe and saffron rejuvenate and cleanse your skin of impurities, to reveal a natural glow. Walnut and Aloe Heals skin and removes blackheads. Turmeric and Saffron enhances your skin’s complexion and elasticity. Cinnablock, our patented herbal sunblock, protects your skin from the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

I have been using this little guy for over a period of month. Initially I got two satchels from a local grocery just for the trial purposes, then decided to go for a medium size one. It has worked really well on my uneven skin tone.  What really interest me about this its key ingredients – It constitutes of Kesar, turmeric, Indian Aloe, walnut and Kaolin clay. I have loved using Kaolin clay packs as it doesn’t really dries out my skin and at the same time helps in brightening it.

Himalaya Herbals Kesar Fairness Pack has great anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial properties. Along with such awesomeness, it helped me remove my tanned and even out my pigmented skin.

Packaging and Texture

Pack comes in a squeeze tube with Flip open packaging. It is travel friendly and light weight also. The texture of the product is thick consistency. In my homemade packs I mix rose water or little milk to make it into smooth consistency but with this one I prefer to use it directly from the tube. It has very mild and floral kinda fragrances which is not overpowering.

I have been using it consistently and it has done great job on it too. I can see visible brightness and glow on my face. My skin feels softer than ever before. I use it once a week as I have dry skin. Apply it evenly on face and neck and leave it for 20 mins. It makes my skin look one toned brighter immediately. It doesn’t really dries out my skin but I use a thick moisturizer after pack application.

Price – Rs 70 for 50g
Shelf Life- 3 years.

It is an affordable and recommended treat for your skin. It lightens the blemishes and dark spots, makes skin smooth and supple and helps in getting rid of tanning. It contains herbal and natural ingredients mostly which is a big plus.

It makes my skin feel happy. It is a quick way to pamper your skin and you can easily carry it with you anywhere.
For a working woman or a person who is just outright lazy like me, it is a great option. I highly recommend it.

Rating – 5/5

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